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This page is about the "Get Involved" section of the new www.gnome.org site that is being worked on by the GnomeWeb team. (Looking for a "get involved in GnomeWeb" page? see GnomeWeb/Team.)

Here we're going to plan what's in this section, research what information we need, and then write it.

This goal depends on GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure, and the use cases defined in GnomeWeb/UseCases. This goal is related to GnomeWeb/LayoutPlanning (which defines how the pages will actually look) and GnomeWeb/CmsSetup.

We are currently in the planning phase. See GnomeWeb/DevelopmentTimeline to know more about the 2.18 release schedule. See GnomeWeb/Goals for a complete list of goals and their status.

Starting points

The earlier goal defines the following structure:

  • Get Involved - Who can help and why, stressing several types of users and tasks apart from developers-hacking. Where to meet us, online (lists, forums IRC) and offline (local groups, events).

    • Spread GNOME - Marketing actions
    • Store - Merchandising to go.
    • Donate - Friends of GNOME and donations interface
    • Contribute - Suggestions for newbies
    • Do QA - Process for filing Bugs/Triaging --SankarshanMukhopadhyay

    • Bring your project - Hosting, bugzilla, GNOME "certification", how to get into the release.
    • Business - Suggestions for software companies, publishers, training centers...
    • Public sector - Suggestions for public administrations, education...


The main task is to plan and write this section of the www.gnome.org site. This breaks down into:

  • Plan the content of the pages in more detail, starting from the structure defined in the previous goal.
  • Research the information needed, contact relevant teams
    • Spread GNOME -- is this an existing endeavour or something we're starting? Ask the Marketing team
    • Store -- how does this connect with the Store goal?
    • Friends of gnome -- is that even an actual organization? I have no idea
    • Hosting, bugzilla, getting into release etc -- contact admins. Get information from them.
    • Certification -- this is still a draft (GnomeCertification). Give this a kick to get it going?

    • Business - I have no idea what's needed here.
    • Public sector -- ditto
  • Write the pages on the CMS
    • Create images and screenshots as needed

Page list

This is a rough outline of the pages the Get Involved section will have: titles and a summary of content. This is a work in progress. Please edit and extend!

wgo >> Get Involved

This is the top-level page for this section.

  • Who can help and why, stressing several types of users and tasks apart from developers-hacking.
  • How to contact gnome.
  • Overview of the rest of this section

wgo >> Get Involved >> Spread the word

Ways in which you can help spread GNOME.

  • Some suggestions of things you could do: LUGs, etc.
  • Get gnome banners & badges for your website.

  • Get promotional material: leaflets, posters, LiveCD (--> link to another section), branded stuff in the store (--> another link)

  • Help gnome marketing -- join the marketing team.

wgo >> Get Involved >> Store

This page is the GNOME Store. Buy GNOME stuff! This page has a separate task to plan it: GnomeWeb/GnomeStore

wgo >> Get Involved >> Donate

How to make donations to the GNOME Foundation. Donations interface (what exactly would this be?) Previous donations? Examples of what GNOME does with donations? (--> link to Foundation subsite)

wgo >> Get Involved >> Contribute

Ways in which you can contribute to Gnome:

  • Filing and triaging bugs
  • Documentation
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • Programming

wgo >> Get Involved >> New projects

Bring your project - Hosting, bugzilla, GNOME "certification", how to get into the release.

wgo >> Get Involved >> Business

Can be downloaded at http://www.jauco.nl/temporary/wgo_get_involved_businesses.abw

wgo >> Get Involved >> Public sector

Suggestions for public administrations, education...


See GnomeWeb/Team for the participants of the entire GnomeWeb Revamp (or to add yourself to the list)


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