Personas are profiles if real or imaginary visitors that indicate the expectations, needs, and means of how people accomplish use cases. We can use real vistors as the basis for our personas, or create them as an amalgamation of traits from GNOME users. In general we need to know:

  • age
  • gender
  • education and/or work experience
  • computer and Web literacy
  • GNOME and site experience
  • frequency of GNOME website use


"I don't think the current personas are detailed enough and they're not really personas, I don't think. So, I added Anna Felix and Issac Cassia as ficticious personas" -GezimHoxha

Issac Cassia


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15 years old, athletic build. Is in the school track & field team. He lives with his parents and his 8 year old sister Sabrina in Seattle, Washington. Twice a week, after school, he works at Wendy's and the rest of the afternoon is spent either going to track practice or hanging out with his friends. In the evenings he finishes the homework (he's taking 2 core courses and 2 options, this semester) and then he goes on the computer for entertainment or to IM his friends. On Tuesday and Thursday evening, he watches his favorite TV Show, "War @ Home". In the summer, he goes camping with his father. This is usually in the weekends, as he likes to work in the summer and save for his favorite toys. With the money he saved last summer, he bought an iPod (video). Next year, he wants to save enough for a scooter. Winters he usually stays in with his friends and plays his favorite Xbox or computer games. His current favorite is Halo 3.


Isaac likes his music. Back in the day, he had a CD-player and now, of course he carries and iPod. Since he grew with computers, he's very comfortable with it and often times has to help his parents out (he's told them how to burn a DVD 100 times, they just don't get it. Especially his dad).


His nerdy friend, Ryan, gave Isaac a copy of Mandriva LE2005. With Ryan’s help, Isaac installed Mandriva and is now dual-booting with Mandriva and Windows XP. He likes Mandriva because it comes with some cool software and it’s faster than his Windows XP (Ryan thinks it must be full of spyware and viruses). Isaac doesn’t know a whole lot about Linux, he just likes using it. Since he discovered (from Mandriva) he now uses OOo in Windows as well. Isaac uses Writer to write up school assignments and since he’s taking Financial Management as an optional course, he uses OOo Calc to keep track of personal finances. He discovered a program called The GIMP on his Mandriva installation and has played a little bit with it (although, he doesn’t understand why there are 3 windows). He uses iTunes (Windows) to upload songs to his iPod and however he uses Kazaa to download songs. For IM-ing he uses MSN Messenger because he likes using his webcam. He is not aware of GNOME.


Isaac has a broadband connection. He uses email intensively to email friends amusing stuff that he finds online and participates in chain letters. He has a mySpace site and that is another method he uses to stay in touch with friends. Occasionally, he plays some simple flash games online.

Anna Felix


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40 years old, brown hair, 5'8", slim build and fit, goes running regularly with her dog, Pogo! She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and owns a clothes manufacturing business. She is divorced (and looking) and has no kids, so most of her time is spent looking after the business and her dog. She enjoys reading a nice book and is subscribed to the Canadian Business Magazine. As she's very interested in new business developments, she attends a lot of business conferences which require quite a bit of traveling.


She uses and even likes computer because they simplify a lot of her work for her. She just bought a Dell laptop and has been having a few issues with it, so she likes the fact that she has the dell technical support to help her out. She owns a DVD player and frequently rents DVD movies from the Blockbuster a few blocks from her house. She generally likes technology (when it works) and likes to utilize new technological developments for her business.


She uses Windows XP Home Edition which came pre-installed with her computer. She uses Microsoft Office Suit for her usual needs such as news-letter writing, making spread-sheets and preparing presentations slides with Microsoft PowerPoint. Anna likes to keep track of accounting for her company so she uses QuickBooks and QuickTax. She's quite savvy when it comes to sales and if something is too cheap, she'll suspect it's too good to be true. She is not software savvy and doesn't know what an operating system is, let alone a desktop environment.


Anna uses the web and email a lot and depends on it for business email. She uses Google for all kinds of research and she likes the simplicity of it. She has an ADSL connection. She uses no free software and hasn't really ran across it.

"The following list is an initial draft from the marketing mailing list written by Santiago Roza. Feel free to add. Note: They also serve as Personas for the Web"

teenager (17)

  • high school student
  • has a girlfriend
  • intensive email (personal)
  • intensive im (msn)
  • basic web browsing: pr0n and flash games (+webmail)
  • some office usage for school
  • cellphone camera + cheap usb mp3 player + playstation2
  • uses p2p for music
  • basic-medium (windows) computer skills
  • zero free software awareness

Young techie (28)

  • windows programmer (visual studio)
  • single and looking
  • intensive email (work, personal)
  • intensive im (several networks)
  • intensive web browsing (even runs a blog)
  • medium-intensive office usage for work
  • high-range cellphone + ipod
  • uses p2p for music + an occasional movie
  • big cd/dvd collection
  • advanced (windows) computer skills
  • medium free software awareness

young non-techie (34)

  • graphic designer (photoshop, illustrator)
  • married, one kid
  • medium email (personal, some work)
  • medium im (personal)
  • basic web browsing (news, recommended sites)
  • medium office usage for work
  • does not use p2p
  • huge cd/dvd collection (artsy type, loves music)
  • basic (windows) computer skills (advanced for specific apps)
  • zero free software awareness

not-so-young techie (46)

  • editor of tech section in major newspaper
  • married, two kids
  • intensive email (work)
  • basic im (work)
  • medium-high web browsing (news, research)
  • intensive office usage for work
  • mid-range cellphone + pda
  • does not use p2p
  • medium cd/dvd collection
  • medium-high computer skills (some unix background)
  • low-medium free software awareness

not-so-young non-techie (51)

  • has a small business
  • divorced, three kids
  • basic email (with some ppt presentations)
  • zero im
  • basic web browsing (news)
  • intensive office usage for work
  • does not use p2p
  • small cd/dvd collection
  • basic (windows) computer skills
  • zero free software awareness

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