WPPO enables WordPress-based websites to be multi-lingual by using the same infrastructure that already exists for open source projects.

WPPO is a gettext layer for WordPress content. It uses xml2po lib from gnome-doc-utils and gettext libraries to allow localizing the website content.

WPPO is not a platform to translate strings and create PO files. Instead, WPPO generates POT files of all the website content and has the ability to read the filled PO files and convert them to translated pages on the web.

Creating a new language for a WordPress-based website requires translations of three parts (in parenthesis the place where PO files for each part are located):

  • The WordPress itself (wp-content/languages)

  • The current theme (wp-content/themes/{$currentTheme}/languages)

  • The content (wppo/static/ and wppo/dynamic)

Since WordPress can manage translations of its core, themes and plugins, WPPO comes to fill the gap and allow translation of the content of the website (and also allow to use different languages accordingly).

WordPress is already translated into a lot of languages. WPPO tries to download dynamically the WordPress translation strings when a new language is added.

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