Design update plans

Here we can plan for a design update.

There is a discussion about this on the Engagement Team mailing list.

Notes from discussion

  • Modern design that displays confidence
  • Feature mission
  • Community
  • Get involved page redesign
    • Bastian have some ideas

    • Mozilla are currenly redesign thier get involved page

      • have three different prototypes a, b, c each with a different distinctive look and feel

  • Video integration
  • Call for brave design, and to take advantage of HTML5
  • Friendly design
  • We love our footer art
  • Some calls for iterate on current design rather then comming up with a new one
    • WordPress put certain limitations on what we can do.

  • Target 3.14 (late september 2014) release for changes?

Possible sources of inspiration (offer consumer computing hardware and software)

  • Reliance on pictures, hero image based site
  • Utilizes the full width screen
  • Feature videos
  • Based on the assumption that the user scroll down (beside the main page) (maker of Firefox and, internet apps and other projects all free/open source)

  • Mission featured
  • Projects featured,
  • Heavy use of graphics, little text

About Mozilla

  • Include Video


  • Mission featured
  • Download button
  • Hero images
  • Based on the assumption that the user scroll down


  • Based on interactive animations
  • As the user scroll down, the site tells a story that follow the navigation

Mozilla product overview

  • Clear grid based product overview, use of different "products" categories

Aribnb (accommodation service)

  • Brand mission featured, with link to in deep-info including video
  • A Video are played in the background of the main-page (after a few seconds)
  • Made a strong point of the redesign/rebranding that attracted substantial media attention

Unlabel Me (Book)

  • Crazy good

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