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This 2.18 goal is missing a coordinator


We need to address the support related use cases from wgo to their appropriate destinations. wgo itself is not dealing with support, a "Support" option is offered in the General navigation bar. We need to decide whether we keep, we move it to or we make something in between (a s.g.o pointing to the relevant support sources).

In any case the subsite used should adopt the use cases, which means that even taking at least its main page should incorporate improvements to satisify the use cases. The support sources listed at need to be taken also in account. Another element to consider is, which is planned to have the documentation for users.

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We are currently in the planning phase. See GnomeWeb/DevelopmentTimeline to know more about the 2.18 release schedule. See GnomeWeb/Goals for a complete list of goals and their status.


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Related GnomeWeb/UseCases:

  • Audience includes users
    1. I'm looking for a program to do this
    2. Are there instructions, manuals, support available
    3. Where can I read more about the GNOME software and project?
    4. I need help to install and start using GNOME applications / desktop
    5. How can I customize / pimp / power my GNOME system / application
    6. I want to learn as much as possible about application X / GNOME
    7. I want to understand the pieces that form GNOME
  • ISDs
    1. Where is the documentation for developers
    2. Best practices, known issues & common mistakes

    3. How can we get free / paid support
  • Public Sector
    1. We want to know about deployments howto's, institutional reports and recommendations
    2. We need training for ours users / workers / administrators
    3. Is it any kind of certification we could require when hiring GNOME administrators
  • Contributors
  • I need some kind of test period / training / mentorship


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