This page can be used to write notes related to implementation of Plone CMS for WGO project.

WGO Plone Deployment

This section is out of date. See GnomeWeb/CmsSetup

  • Check out gnomeweb-plone module (trunk):

    svn checkout gnomeweb-plone

  • You can browse this project's source from here:

  • cd wgo.buildout

  • Make sure you have python2.4-dev (Ubuntu and Debian) installed, or your distro's equivalent.
  • do /path/to/python2.4 (We specify Python 2.4 explicitly because Zope/Plone does not yet support Python 2.5. The following steps will then use the correct version of Python automatically.)

  • cp -r ../gnome.theme/ src

  • do ./bin/buildout

  • Copy the Data.fs to ./var/filestorage/ (file is temporarily hosted here:

  • Change the admin password using parts/zope2/utilities/ -u admin -p <your password> access then copy that "access" file to parts/instance

  • do ./bin/instance fg

  • Goto http://localhost:8080/manage

  • Expand wgo2 widget in the left frame
  • Select acl_users in the right frame

  • Select source_users from the right frame, then select (Add a user)

  • Enter user id and password and select Add User.

  • Go to parent folder and select source_groups from the right frame

  • Select Administrators
  • Where it says Update Group: Administrators (Assign); click Assign
  • In the entry box for Principal ID, input your user id and press the Search button
  • Move your User id into the active group via the select widget
  • Logout of Zope; Login with new user.
  • Try http://localhost:8080/wgo2/


  • This bug might be affecting to run WGO with Data.fs provided by Ramon ? This issue doesn't affect the starting of the module; this has been resolved via the above instruction

    • If you hit the bug, make sure you are not login as 'admin' at the same time as the wgo2 user (short: log out)

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