(NGO,ngo,n.g.o) is the goal to have "a single gateway to all the news sources provided by the GNOME subsites".

Current status

  • Uses Wordpress (like Planet GNOME) as a basis
  • Has hackergotchi-style icons to identify each news source.
  • No Personal blogs

Aggregated feeds


  • Add a p.g.o sidebar, such as that on the current w.g.o mockups on LooknFeel

  • With this number of feeds, we probably don't require the news planet to be split into categories (unless we add many more feeds)

points cleared

  • Archiving: A point of contention was archiving - QuimGil suggested that we should archive the last 3 months or so of headlines and authors for search purposes. However, JeffWaugh was strongly against this, raising the point that if we archive other posts the original authors will lose control of that post and will be unable to update or remove that post without contacting the GNOME web team. If we were to archive the information it will result in the originators of content losing Google search traffic due to the ambiguity. describes the problem. QuimGil is still for archiving but it is not required to make the news site useful.

  • No problem, I drop the archiving suggestion for now.

GNOME News Sources to aggregate

At the moment, there are several different locations under where news items are published.


  • Country-specific sites (, appear to)
    • These are not necessarily under the direct control of the Project
    • News may be related to events in their own country, or could be translations of the news on wgo
  • The GNOME press releases (not sure if they count)
  • JeffWaugh suggested that we should have a "GNOME in the Media" feed, which will be catered for by the CMS

    • Another potential ingredient for wgo/news
  • Many of the project subsites have their own news pages
    • The look and feel of lots of these is quite inconsistent - look at the Rhythmbox, the Orca and the Evolution subsites in turn for an example
  • The planets (mainly, but there are also country-specific planets which are not quite subsets of pgo)

Some of these are more user-oriented (such as wgo), and most are more technical ( appears to aggregate a lot of RSS feeds and details point releases of software, which is interesting to developers and more technical users but I suspect less so to others).

Previous discussion

  • Hostname should probaly be ( which is currently an alias of FootNotes)

  • Depends also on the CMS selection.
  • will feature as a sidebar on this and have the last /x/ number of links to posts as well as a link to the front of the site
  • A link to this site and perhaps the first couple of headlines will be on WGO's front page
  • Feed aggregator (like we have with PlanetGnome ) will be used

    • Run and point to

      • (If certain feeds would appear in certain sections then perhaps multiple Planet instances would suffice in subdirectories (,,
    • Decide about the form.
    • Current GNOME News lacks some features such as

      • Feed grouping (several boxes with different categories of feeds each i.e. projects, people, foundation... instead of a single row of feeds)

      • Archiving (instead of loosing what is not in the Planet page anymore) and search function to the archives (imagine how useful would be to be able to search through all the GNOME related news of the last N months).

Questions raised

  • How to integrate NGO into CMS?
  • What happens with the news sources without feeds. Listing the feeds available will help us seeing what feeds are missing.
  • What about the non-English planets? Depends on how we organize ngo, but it could be worth to have also the 3 last entries for each, would show how global we are and would increase the visibility of these planets.
  • Should this site aggregate news automatically from the subsites, or should it have its own system for entering content?
    • Or some combination of the two?
      • This goal is about agggregating the existing GNOME news channels, having or not an own system for intering content belongs to "Own channel for publishing the official news of the GNOME project". I wouldn't mix issues. -- QuimGil

  • How should it handle the different "levels" of information available?
  • aimed to do this, and was intended to be hosted at before it became an alias for (which is a bad way to waste Google juice, btw)

  • We should collect the feeds available from the sources listed above when available, and think of a solution for the important sources not having feeds. -- QuimGil

  • It would be good to have access not only to the most recent news but also to the most relevant of the last weeks/months. For instance, a full page 2.16 review in Washington Post ;) or a 4 pages interview to Federico are worth to be featured more time than just few days. -- QuimGil

  • Having a look to the GnomeWeb/UseCases I would say that there are many that need to be satisfied by ngo and I don't think a Planet provides all we need to cover them. It would be good to have in this wiki page a list of use cases, as we are doing with the rest of 2.18 goals i.e. GnomeWeb/SupportGnomeOrg -- QuimGil

Sorts of NEWS

NEWS can be very different things like:

  • Announcements of the GNOME Foundation
  • Announcements of new GNOME Releases
  • GNOME Press releases
  • Developer News from
  • GNOME In the News (sources outside
  • New GNOME based applications
  • Updated GNOME ased applications
  • New GNOME artwork and themes (
  • ... (if you can think of more sorts that should be listed, please add them to this list ...)

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