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GNOME is a project to create a free, intuitive, and attractive desktop environment aimed at the general user. Hand in hand with this is the GNOME development platform, a suite of libraries and tools for developing software on the GNOME Desktop.

GNOME is simple yet powerful, and easy for everybody to use. Our software follows design guidelines based on recommendations by usability professionals and formal usability testing.

GNOME is <a href="">Free Software</a> and part of the <a href="">GNU project</a>. GNOME guarantees its users the right to run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve its software.

GNOME is accessible. Free Software is about enabling software freedom for everyone, including users and developers with disabilities. GNOME includes accessibility software such as on-screen keyboards and screen readers, and provides high contrast and large icon themes.

GNOME is international. GNOME users and developers live all over the world. GNOME software is translated into dozens of languages, with more on the way.

GNOME is constantly evolving. We release a new version every six months, incrementally adding new features while consolidating our base. Our regular release schedule ensures that ours users can count on the next version of GNOME.

GNOME is supported by the leading companies in Linux and Unix and beyond, including Google, intel, HP, Mandriva, Novell, Red Hat, and Sun.

And perhaps more than anything else, GNOME is a worldwide community of volunteers who hack, translate, design, QA, and generally have fun together.

See also the GNOME Foundation's information about <a href="">GNOME's legal and trademark policies</a>, including use of the GNOME logo.

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