New wgo structure

This page is a draft being discussed in marketing-list.

The wgo structure is designed considering GnomeWeb/WgoScope, GnomeWeb/GnomeSubsites and GnomeWeb/UseCases. Changes in this document imply a revision of GnomeWeb/Navigation and GnomeWeb/LayoutPlanning.

See also GnomeWeb/BetaScreenshots to see the agreed new visual style.

Site map

  • /Get Started - Try GNOME: desktop, applications, development platform.

    • Live Demos
    • New Developers
    • GNOME on Windows
    • GNOME on MacOS
  • /Get Involved - Who can help and why, stressing several types of users and tasks apart from developers-hacking. Where to meet us, online (lists, forums IRC) and offline (local groups, events).

    • Spread GNOME - Marketing actions
    • Donate - Friends of GNOME and donations interface
    • Bring your project - Hosting, bugzilla, GNOME "certification", how to get into the release.
  • /About - The basics of the GNOME software: mission, desktop, applications, development platform, link to roadmap.

    • Software - Descriptions of release sets and the wide world of GNOME software.
    • Teams - List of GNOME teams with short descriptions and links to web page and contact info.
    • Local Groups - List of GNOME groups with links to web page and contact info.
    • Foundation - Overview, advisory board members and link to
    • Press - Press kit, free media files, press contacts (general and by country/language).
    • Contact - Contacting the Foundation, website feedback + links to support feedback (lists & forums).

There are obvious overlaps between these various areas. We will link to other sections rather than duplicating content.

A Tarball of finished HTML content from the attempt to implement this with Plone. This also includes unfinished content for punted top-level and second-level pages.


These sections do not have finished content or implementation. They can be added later:

  • Take the Tour - Picking the idea of and revamping it into a brief and visual introduction. This page contains also links to an official screencast/video and other external overviews i.e. Wikipedia or unofficial screenshots tours.

    • Sequential subpages of the tour to be defined.
  • Products - Section generated by the GnomeWeb/GnomeProducts application. This page contains an explanation of desktop components and applications; and explanation of software for users, administrators and developers; an explanation of operative systems supported; the tools to search products.

    • [Product X] - Multiple pages generated by the database featuring a product each. The following indexes link to them.
    • Applications index - Software for users.
    • Windows compatible applications index - See GnomeMarketing/GnomeOnWindows

    • Mac compatible applications index - See GnomeMarketing/GnomeOnWindows

    • Sysadmin index - Software for sysadmins
    • Developer index - Software for developers
    • Desktop index - Index of the desktop components comprehensible to sysadmins and developers.
    • Submit your product - Instructions to add your product.
  • Success Stories - Real life people and projects where GNOME is applied, including professional users, companies, deployments, software developers... This page would include indexes by case type and some featured stories. See GnomeWeb/CaseStudies

    • [Use Case X] - Multiple pages of use cases.
    • Share your story - Guidelines for submitting a use case


  • Proposed website map concentrating on the GNOME software list (not map), other GNOME software pages, products featured and their relation with project websites (PDF or OpenDocument).

Subsequent work

The following GnomeWeb goals aim to produce the material for the sections defined above:

Comments on the new structure

  • We plan to have a site map showing all subsites, since this is an approved goal for the current release: GnomeWeb/GnomeSubsites - QuimGil.

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