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Yes. No. Well, maybe. Currently, there isn't a particularly well defined procedure for this (AFAIK). It seems to be a case of 'at the discretion of a member of GNOME sysadmin willing to set it up'. I'm not even sure that's a decision for GNOME sysadmins to make. We should try to clarify this before accepting any more requests for domain hosting or web virtual-hosting of GNOME-related domains, or subdomains.

What kind of requests do we get?

Mostly, owners of country-specific GNOME domain names, like '', '' etc who either have a full working site on that domain and can't afford or don't want to host it themselves any more, or have bought it, not had time to do anything with it and want to 'donate' it for public use in the name of the GNOME foundation.

In most cases, there is absolutely no problem and we will be happy to help set up and host DNS and simple, static sites.

However, we are a group of volunteer sysadmins, and we are not geared up to be another SourceForge, so please bear with us and be prepared to accept 'No' for an answer if there are issues/problems with setting up fancy PHP/Python/Perl based web applications and/or MySQL database access for your site. Our web resources (and human resources) are currently delicately balanced so we can't do everything for everyone.

Do we need to transfer control of the domain to the GNOME Foundation?

I don't think so. I think you can if you want to, but we don't require it.

Do we need to host the DNS on GNOME servers?

Up to you.

How will we be able to manage our web content?

Typically, we set up a CVS-based auto-update system. In some cases, we will set up SSH-based access to a document root. We don't currently have provisions for allowing chrooted FTP access etc. How we set up a given site is largely at the discretion of the sysadmin who deals with the request.

Can we set up a CMS, a database, and other cool features?

If you think they would be of benefit to the GNOME community (or a sub-community), bring up a proposal on '' for review/discussion and maybe something can be arranged.

So, what can we do in the meantime?

The best thing to do if you are looking to transfer your domain or website to the GNOME servers is to send your request to '' so that it gets put in the sysadmin ticket tracker in an appropriate queue and a ticket number assigned. At least this way, your request won't get lost in peoples mail backlogs and will get progressed as and when GNOME sysadmin volunteers report for duty.


This is primarily about sites that would keep their own URL, ie not become a Sites that *do* want a GNOME url should go through the marketing team -- JoachimNoreiko

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