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This page is a draft

The navigation is deduced from the GnomeWeb/GnomeSubsites for the general bar and from GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure for the wgo bars.

In Brief

This is the composition of the navigation in the wgo header according to the last versions:

(GNOME logo) | News | Projects | Art | Support | Development | Foundation

Take the Tour - Products - Success Stories - Get Started - Get Involved - About

General bar

All the *.gnome.org subsites must have the same top navigation bar. This common navigation bar link subsites. Since we have lots of subsites we need to choose those that cover better all the activity related to GNOME, linking the rest from the selected ones to assure a fluid navigation.

The proposed general navigation shows the items and the wording to be used:

(GNOME logo) | News | Projects | Art | Support | Development | Foundation

Description of each item:

wgo primary bar

Last proposal, based on the GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure 2.0

Take the Tour - Products - Success Stories - Get Started - Get Involved - About

Description of each item:

  • Take the Tour - Revamped tour, videos, screenshots.

  • Products - GnomeWeb/GnomeProducts

  • Success Stories - Real life people and projects where GNOME is applied, including professional users, companies, deployments, software developers... GnomeWeb/CaseStudies

  • Get Started - Distros & OSs shipping GNOME, Windows&Mac downloads, LiveCD, links to basic documentation. Also "get started" for developers and sysadmins/deployments.

  • Get Involved - The various ways for individuals, groups, companies, public sector etc to become active participants of the GNOME project.

  • About - The basics of the GNOME project: desktop, application, development platform, foundation, history...

wgo secondary bars

  • Take the Tour

    • 10 Steps (default page, the tour itself) - Link to About. External links to unofficial GNOME tours-alike.
    • Screenshots
    • Videos

(These subpages are a non mandatory orientation, the last word comes from the Tour subproject)

  • Products

    • The GNOME Collection (default page, overview and search tool)
    • Applications
    • Desktop
    • Development Platform
    • MS Windows
    • Mac OS X

(Apps, desktop and platform could be in one group/color and Windows/Mac in another group/color)

  • Success Stories

    • Happy Users (default page, with promo/links to the other profiles)
    • Companies
    • Public Sector
    • Software Developers
    • Tell Your Story
  • Get Started

    • Downloads (default page)
    • Try GNOME
    • Tips & Advice

    • Deploy GNOME
    • Develop with GTK
  • Get Involved

    • Spread GNOME (default page)
    • Donate
    • Contribute
    • Business & Institutional

    • Join the Foundation
  • About

    • Project (default page)
    • Teams
    • Foundation
    • History
    • Logo & Trademarks

    • Press/Media
    • Contact Us


Don't get confused:

  • General bar: common to all the GNOME subsites, offers links to subsites.
  • wgo primary bar: used in wgo, offers links to the sections of the site.
  • wgo secondary bar: used in wgo, offers links to pages within a section.


Improvements suggested to the wgo implementation at http://gnome.jardigrec.eu/


  • We can consider it a stable beta.
  • Look&feel works, URLs work.

  • Still open to improvements but it can be released as it is now.

wgo primary bar

  • I think the eyes notice first the secondary bar and consider it more relevant. Tabs should be bigger, perhaphs brighter. Bolder fonts? Also, the fact that is aligned to the right helps its non-visibility next to the secondary bar.
  • Current section should be highlighted in the tabs, so the users sees clearly where she is.
  • The tab of the current section could have no border to the secondary nav bar, this way we have a single navigation bar, so to say. This way

we also avoid having to duplicate items in primary and secondary. Now "Take the tour" appears twice.


  • All planned tabs are now present.
  • Clicking to a tab should bring the user automatically to the page. If I click to the "Take the tour" tab I should get the content.

wgo secondary bar

  • Fonts are also small (like happens generally in all the plone wgo), they need to be bigger.
  • Current page should be highlighted in the secondary nav bar, so users know where they are.
  • The bar doesn have a beginning and end. Perhaps it would look better if starting at the left edge of the big GNOME logo in the header and finishing at the right edge of the last tab in the primary nav bar.
  • Can we save some horizontal space between text and borders of each item? This way we have a shorter bar, which will help making fit the Take the Tour section in one line. Getting a second line i.e. in 800x600 is not that bad, I think. Better than forcing horizontal

scrolling, as many websites do.


  • Your comment here.

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