GNOME Web Team - Meeting Minutes 15JUN09


  • andreasn
  • csenger
  • davi-lime
  • lucasr
  • speedbreeze
  • vdepizzol


  1. Content status update
  2. Design status update
  3. CMS status update
  4. Test website deployment status update
  5. Plan for the design implementation in Plone

Content status update

  • Paul has given an update on content work in the mailing list;

  • Claus moved most of existing content to the wiki;

  • Claus updated the page comparison table to include URL and links to the existing drafts;

  • Content structure seems to be on track for this milestone.

Design status update

  • Andreas and Vinicius have produced the HTML/CSS pages with the new design (e.g. see front page, internal page example)

  • Some discussion to clarify the page design:
    • Section title should go beside the green logo, page title goes inline the page in blue;
    • Need more footer images. We could keep randomizing the footer images;
    • Stars on right-side menu are not in the HTML/CSS pages. Andreas says they haven't decided on those just yet.
    • Carsten commented that we might want to consider having a link to site map, navigation breadcrumb, last change date, etc. Andreas said the design be kept as simple as possible with no visual clutter. Only add those if they are really necessary.
    • We might need to use breadcrumb to improve navigation in case our content tree has more than 2 levels (which doesn't seem to be the case now).

CMS status update

  • Carsten reports that content type work is done (as we're basically using only builtin ones). The rest is theming;
  • Johannes to work on front page implementation based on collage. Will probably be on time for milestone;
  • Carsten and Jens discussed about i18n implementation via e-mail and will be working on the Plone side of the architecture;
  • Lucas to find someone from GNOME side to help with the glue code to integrate Plone and GNOME's i18n infra;

Test website deployment status update

  • Alexandro from GNOME Sysadmin team will work with Carsten on Tuesday (June 16) to get the test website running on GNOME servers. The plan is to get it running by Wednesday;

Plan for the design implementation in Plone

  • davi-lima and speedbreeze want to help on theming;
  • Carsten to send a list of tasks around the implementation of the new design in Plone so that new volunteers can get involved;
  • Carsten proposes Deliverance for Plone theming;
  • Carsten to document theming implementation details in GnomeWeb/Plone/Implementation

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