GNOME Web / Plone team - Meeting Minutes 11MAY09


  1. CMS (Plone status)
  2. Design
  3. Release plan

CMS / Plone status

Discussion goals:

  • What's the current status of Plone implementation
  • How much effort is needed to finish it
  • Honest opinion from current volunteers working on it

Status update (Carsten Senger)

  • Test site at

  • Theme is mostly working (estimated that it would take 2 theme developers 4 weeks to finish it)
  • Front page infrastructure (banner, feeds)
  • Infrastructure for navigation, sitemap and right hand side banners is complete


  • Documentation on implementation and maintenance needs to be created
  • (Lucas) Site documentation is a requirement (Should be documented enough that somone with Plone experience can pick up where others left off)


  • il8n tools and workflow need to be documented
  • Using LinguaPlone with xml2po and xliff should be able to create translations similar to the GNOME workflow

  • The GNOME Plone implementation is setup and ready once the tools and process are documented
  • jensens to estimate the work / time needed to implement il8n

GNOME Plone Maintenance

  • Create a GNOME internal team dedicated to maintaining GNOME's Plone implementation
  • Help integrate Plone community members volunteering on GNOME's implementation to feel a part of the GNOME community
  • Try and integrate with GNOME marketing team, art and sysadmin members
  • If team member needs to leave, try to help find a replacement to keep the community going
  • 4 volunteers to join team (Carsten Senger, jensens, bloodbare, thetet)
  • Lucas to discuss with the Foundation Board

Team estimated it would take 4-5 weeks, later in the meeting 8 weeks, to get site into a usable beta state, focusing on CSS fixes (excluding il8n)


  • New theme has been mocked up by Art team (

  • Per the Plone team, implemementing CSS with this look should not be difficult
  • Within Plone, it is possible to have subtle variations of the theme on different sub-pages of the site
  • Agreed to stop working on the current test site's theme, and focus efforts on getting new theme designed and finished
  • Design team to think about, and (Phase 2?) (Add to Bugzilla?)


  • Teams working in parallel
    • Plone implmementation: Develop fully working site with final content, but is ugly
    • Design team: Deliver the new site design with HTML / CSS
    • Teams collaborate to finish

6-8 weeks to finalize Plone work, 8 weeks after that for CSS / theme work, launch with 2.28

Release Plan:

  • Tie to 2.28 (

  • Lucas to send a more detailed recommendation plan via email by May 16th
  • Following Lucas' email, Lucas and / or Paul to coordinate with Carsten and develop milestones and tasks tied to the release calendar
  • Beta design proposal to be completed in 4 weeks (June 10th)

Outstanding Action Items:

  • Discuss itemizing contenttype views on mailing list
  • Create tasklists of the remaining work to be completed
  • Discuss hosting needs and deployment plan with Sysadmin team
  • Need to develop requirements for hosting podcasts / audio and / or video
  • Review Content and clean up where needed ( (Paul to reach out to Quim)

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