Guadec Notes


  • More social profiles of contributors to the Gnome project - a powered planet
  • Being able to contact a human being
  • User oriented documentation - screencast
  • Channels of published content (blogs, podcasts, screencasts, videos (e.g. from guadec)
  • Introduce the community (not so much the product)
  • Social networking


  • Who is it for? How do we know how successful we're at attracting those people?


  • Write down everything on the site and structure it all before anything else happens
  • Do not get tide up in endless discussion
  • Kill (sort outdate content out, link to new articles (maybe on the wiki) that are more update)
  • Setup a page on
  • Find out what to use and what to throw out
  • Google keyword optimization


  • Learning how to make my life easier
  • Making it rock to be part of the community
  • Cutting down the number of tech-talk where not appropriate
  • Starting point to other resources
  • Search
  • Structure
  • Regulary updated
  • Highlight major apps as features
  • Link to distro support pages (some solutions to problems are distro specific, you cannot "just install gnome" to get started, you need a distro)
  • Content management
  • We need a responsible for content edition
  • Different sub-pages for each target audience (see
  • Professionalize site (see
  • Think about whole
  • Work now on (two clicks away from homepage)
  • Portal
  • No more than 5 clicks to get to content
  • Make it a good starting point for users, developers, admins, organizations


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