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The GNOME brand & project needs promotion. The GNOME Foundation needs income. Selling GNOME merchandising is a way to make everybody happy (including the GNOME fans). The GNOME website should be the primary channel of sales and we look for a solution integrated to wgo.

International shipping is one of the bigest problems. We aim to have an international network of official resellers but we are happy starting with one distribution point and grow as soon as new resellers appear in other countries. We should have control over what is being sold as GNOME merchandising. We plan to start working with , who has showed effectiveness and common understanding working with GNOME Hispano and GUADEC 2006.

This goal is pushed by the GNOME Foundation Board. DaveNeary started working on a GNOME store in 2005 and the result is a lot of work done around a FoundationBoard/MerchandisingAgreement and a selling point via Hackerthreads, currently advertised in the wgo homepage. The Store depends on GnomeWeb/LooknFeel and could be affected by the CMS selection done at GnomeWeb/CmsRequirements . According to GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure it is part of the Get Involved section in wgo.

If the store is ready by 2.18 we will need to produce promos to be published in the wgo homepage and selected secondary pages / subsites.

We are currently in the planning phase. See GnomeWeb/DevelopmentTimeline to know more about the 2.18 release schedule. See GnomeWeb/Goals for a complete list of goals and their status.


(((To be completed)))

  1. People should be able to buy stuff anywhere in the world. Non-exclusive agreement.
  2. The shop site should be directly linked from the front page (and ideally from every page)
    • How's that going to work? It's not defined as top-level in GnomeWeb/NewWgoStructure

      • We could have a nice promo in the right column of secondary pages. Ok, maybe not in all. :) -- QuimGil

  3. The licencee running the GNOME shop should produce quality goods
  4. We should be able to buy t-shirts for resale below market cost (user groups, conferences)

Related GnomeWeb/UseCases

  • Non free software users
    1. But... is GNOME really for me?
  • GNOME users
    1. I want to contribute code / texts / translations / design / testing / marketing...
    2. I want to buy merchandising
    3. I want to produce/sell/distribute merchandising
    4. I want to make a donation
    5. What does a GNOME user group do
    6. Can our LUG be also a GNOME group?
  • ISD/ISV (here applies also potential resellers)
    1. Can I use your logo
    2. Can you show us sustainable business models and success stories developing free software based in GNOME
    3. What are the licenses, terms & conditions

    4. We want to give back
  • Public sector
    1. How do I encourage the adoption of GNOME within my organization
  • Contributors
    1. Give me good reasons to help
    2. Where can I help
    3. I want to promote GNOME (in my area), can you help?
    4. Can I introduce myself as GNOME member in meeting/conference X?
    5. I want to help in a GNOME boot at event X


  1. Define products for sale - DONE

  2. Who designs the products
  3. Who develops the website
  4. Price and cut for the Foundation
  5. International shipment
  6. Online store
  7. Sign agreement with Killermundi
  8. Find other partners in other countries

What to sell

The range of products should be very small, at least to begin. We should evaluate whether there's a market by having a maximum of 4 or 5 products for sale.

To start with:

  • T-shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Pins

Other candidates:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Caps
  • Keyrings
  • Badges
  • USB sticks
  • Mousepads
  • Openers (? Guadalinex had bootle openers with the slogan open the source or something like that)
  • Mouses (?)
  • GNOME Books (see FoundationBoard/PrintingManual )

  • Pack at a special price (?)
  • We could also look into having the GNOME user manual printed and bound, as an exclusive for the site (similar to Mozilla). And perhaps the GUADEC and GNOME summit proceedings or video streams.
    • It would need a lot of improvement first... (patches welcome!) -- Joachim
  • Live CDs of the latest stable gnome release (?)


Elements to be considered in the contract:

  • Non-exclusive relation
  • Products to be sold need written approval from the GNOME Foundation
  • Good quality, products to be sent before going to the catalog in order to check
  • Product prices to be negociated between both parts
  • Prices below market costs to GNOME groups
  • Catalog integrated with look&feel

  • Payment platform provided by the reseller without GNOME look&feel, only logo

  • Optional donation to the GNOME Foundation when customers checkout
  • When are the payments made by the reseller to the Foundation, and how
  • What to do with remaining stocks if the contract is due or disrupted
  • Period of contract and renewal



(((Explain the page structure)))


(((Upload mockups with look&feel)))


(((Create wiki subpages or upload files with the texts)))


  • Your comments here.

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