www.gnome.org Accounts

Helping With Content

We always need new content for www.gnome.org, whether it is news posts or for pages. If you can write good English and want to help, you need to request a WordPress account to access the Administration Area of the website.

You can request your account:

Anyone can apply for an account. Please indicate why you want access when asking for an account and provide details on your relevant experience if required. If you prefer, you can also file bugs for corrections or improvements to existing content.

Account types

There are three kinds of accounts available for gnome.org, each of which is suited to different kinds of work.

  • Administrator - Somebody who has access to all the administration features, such as adding and removing users.

  • Editor - Can create and delete pages and post news stories.

  • Author - Somebody who can post news stories.

Check here for more details on the different account types.

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