GNOME Event Manager

Every year, when preparing websites for our conferences, we have to, more or less, reinvent our infrastructure from the scratch. This project aims to provide a default conference management system (+ website) suitable to the needs of our conferences.


SaumyaPathak, AndreasNilsson, FabianaSimoes

Relevant Art

  • COD

    • Website is integrated with Conference Management System.
    • Integration with Ubercart for registration and checkout.

    • Paper review: Functionality for voting on sessions (Binary, no comments)
    • E-mails for accepted, rejected and confirmation of sessions
    • Publishes a schedule (You edit sessions and inform when they happen)
    • Allows for BoF scheduling
    • Free themes available at Drupal Themes.

    • Easy to install...
    • /!\ ... hard to set up.

    • /!\ Not so easy to create, edit or customize themes

    • /!\ Documentation: Good for Drupal, not so good for COD itself.

    • /!\ No support for organizing the schedule, just for publishing it.

    • /!\ See Known problems

  • OCS

    • Used for GUADEC 2009
    • /!\ Really terrible to theme

  • Pentabarf

    • Based on Ruby.
    • Has content planning, schedule module etc.
    • Has a number of export options.
    • Feedback for the event option available.
    • /!\ Deprecated, frab is the new pentabarf

  • Indico

    • Used for GUADEC 2012, along with a Drupal website
    • East to organize schedule: Drag-an-drop of sessions into slots.
    • Possible to customize Indico's theme by changing the default CSS.
    • /!\ No documentation (not for Users, not for Developers)

    • /!\ Hard to set up.

    • /!\ Overwhelming and confusing configuration controls.

    • /!\ Website is not integrated with Conference Management System.

  • OSEM

    • Used for openSUSE Conference 2013
    • Easy to use interface.
    • Based on Ruby on Rails.
    • Automatic email sending for accepted/rejected papers
    • Paper review and registration support
    • /!\ No documentation whatsoever D:

    • /!\ Difficult to solve errors.


Goals and scope

See draft at GnomeWeb/EventsSite.

More requirements at GuadecPlanningHowTo/Software

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