GnomeWeb Development Timeline

The development is based on the general GNOME's release timeline, with a new major release every 6 months. The challenges of each release are defined in the GnomeWeb/Goals. Here we structure each goal into scheduled tasks assigned to contributors.

The idea is to combine the continuous and decentralized development with a common strategy and a common commitment to a schedule. This timeline is applied primarily to but other GNOME websites' maintainers are invited to join it.

2.18 release cycle

Our milestones during the 2.17 release cycle are inspired by GNOME's TwoPointSeventeen schedule:

  • October 4th - Core Planning Documents reviewed. - DONE

  • October 18th - End of new goals proposal period. - DONE


  • December 6th - Feature Freeze. 2.18 Goal Planning phase is completed.
  • December 20th - Alpha Phase completed.
  • January 10th - Goal Freeze. Goals not catching the schedule are dropped.
  • January 24th - UI Freeze.
  • February 14th - String Freeze. Static English texts completed.
  • March 5th - Release Candidate.
  • March 14th - 2.18 Final Release.
  • April 11th - 2.18.1 Final Release.

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This is an approved document. We invite you to improve it by adding your comments below. Note that this is a key planning document, we might not touch it during the production phase of each release. Contributors responsible of a task can modify subtasks and schedules, although it is recommended to discuss this first in marketing-list to avoid conflicts of dependencies. Only the maintainers of this document can approve changes to it.


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