Trying to build up a comprehensive list of what is currently on the gnome web servers, and how to work with it (eg where to find it in SVN)...


SVN - main gnome website

gnomeweb-wml - Gnome wiki

? - Gnome Foundation

foundation-web - NEWS feeds

gnomeweb-wml/ - syndicated blogs

planet-web1 - developer resources: mostly documentation (outdated)

web-devel-2 - GUADEC conference


bonsai and lxr

bugzilla-newer2 - mailing list server with archives

none - online magazine devoted to everything surrounding Gnome (websites cvs root) - art and themes for gnome

art-web - pygtk and gnome-python bindings website, with FAQ and ML hosted in a different server


Hosted elsewhere: - Footnotes


none - ftp server for downloads

See also GnomeWeb/GnomeSubsites, which is a bigger list and has details of maintainers etc. Should we merge this page into that one?


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  2. Only bugmasters may change it (2)

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