Everything potential or actual contributors to http://gnome.jardigrec.eu wanted to know and dared to ask.

Where to start

Subscribe to http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-web-list if you are not already there. You can get started as contributor there.

  • Read over the editing guidelines.

  • If you want to write/edit English texts you need to request editing permissions in gnome-web-list. Murray, Ramon and Quim are the ones that can get you there.
  • If you want to translate you have to wait until the translation system is in place and the English version is consolidated. The work will be done through the GNOME translation teams, so you have to get coordinated with your preferred language team. See http://l10n.gnome.org/

  • If you want to contribute illustrations, banners, pictures and other graphic elements you can either become an editor or get in touch with the editors through the mailing list.
  • If you want to work on the layout, create a LaFarga account at https://lafarga.cpl.upc.edu/projects/wgo/ (update: Creating LaFarga accounts online has been disabled for now- ask on-list instead), and request to join the wgo project. For SVN write access,

    svn co svn+ssh://username@svn.lafarga.cpl.upc.edu/dades/svn/wgo

    For read-only anonymous access,

    svn co --username anonymous --password anonymous https://svn.lafarga.cpl.upc.edu/dades/svn/wgo
    Note: The GNOME template may be moved to GNOME SVN in the future.
  • Plone experts can share ideas and improvements in gnome-web-list.
  • Any other contributions should start in gnome-web-list as well.

Where can I track the last changes

How are bugs and feature requests handled

We use GNOME bugzilla to handle bugs and feature requests relating to www.gnome.org. We encourage users to provide their feedback through this channel and we try to assign all bugs to the right contributor in our team.

Therefore contributors must have their own bugzilla account: register

Tracking and managing your own bugs is plain easy: check your bugs. Remember that you have to log in first.


Editing a page

  • Go to https://edit.gnome.jardigrec.eu/login_form and introduce your login & password.

  • Then click on the primary navigation tabs and find the page you want to edit.
  • Once you are in the page click the tab "Edit".

If you don't see it you probably need wider permissions.

Editing the homepage

Title and meta content:


Right column:

Footer: Edited directly in HTML at https://edit.gnome.jardigrec.eu/portal_skins/custom/footer/pt_editForm

Editing the navigation bars

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