Component Selection

Components are the pieces that shape a page. Each component has a function and usually is placed always in the same place. An example of a component would be a search bar. The document provides the selected components proposed for the (wgo) website regarding the home page and secondary pages.

Common Components

Common components are included in the home and secondary pages.

  • General navigation bar - The same in all pages, in all the GNOME subsites.
  • wgo primary navigation bar - To browse between sections. Big GNOME logo + sections.
  • Search bar - Search form, search button, perhaps "advanced search" link.
  • Language selection - Where the user can define her preferred language.

Homepage Components

Specific components proposed for the wgo home page (this also includes the common and possible optional components).

  • Banner area - Could include just one big banner or several smaller. It should be possible to have text-based banners with no designer intervention.
  • Slogan - The magic sentence and screenshot that sums up the best of GNOME.
  • Banner Block.
  • Planet GNOME Block.
  • News block - Latest official news, link to news page, feed icon, subscribe to receive news.
  • Upcoming events - List of events where you can meet GNOMErs.
  • Get involved block.
  • Featured product block - Name, logo, brief description and link to the product page.
  • Large Footer: GNOME Logo, Copyright, "Hosted by RedHat", Last Edit Date, "Edit this Page" link with small icon, License, Sitemap | Contact | Legal | RSS Feeds.
    Actual Discussion and Screenshots in Bug 461606

Secondary Pages

The components below are specific to the wgo secondary page (this also includes the common and possible optional components).

  • Secondary navigation bar - To browse within a section.
  • Small Footer: GNOME Logo, Copyright, Last Edit Date, "Edit this Page" link with small icon, License, Sitemap | Contact | Legal | RSS Feeds.
    Actual Discussion and Screenshots in Bug 461606

Optional Components

They appear just in some pages or circumstances when required.

  • Document navigation - Previous and next for pages needing it, or page numbering system.
  • Related Links Block - In those pages where we offer links for further information i.e. in other wgo sections, other GNOME subsites or wherever in the Internet. Could be also a passage of text that explains what the visitor can do from this page.
  • 404 Component - A good 404-page with information and a feedback form.


  • It has also been suggested to use an RSS Link Button (the standard square orange one) as an alternative to the link "RSS Feeds".
    • I think it would be better to not have the Orange RSS Logo and just have the link as proposed below for wgo home. -- LeeTambiah

      • Isn't it confusing to have 2 links that contain the word RSS (RSS and RSS feeds), instead of a recognizable icon? -- Marco Louter
        • My idea is to display an "RSS Feed" link which links to a page of all RSS Feeds for wgo home (for example go to the site and there is a link in footer "RSS Feeds". Clicking this takes you to a page with all feeds for the apple site.) removing the need for the feed icon. There would only be one link "RSS Feeds" ;-). The Secondary Pages can also contain the links: Sitemap | Contact | Legal | RSS Feeds. -- LeeTambiah

  • "Hosted by RedHat"? I have asked the Board about this in order to know what are our compromises. -- QuimGil

    • Yes a strange one that, but if Red hat host the site perhaps they want recognition? It could also confuse people to think GNOME is part of Redhat. -- LeeTambiah

      • You can put the link in the footer and write some text on the 'legal' page that Redhat doesn't own GNOME. -- Marco Louter
        • "Hosted by RedHat" needs to go in the homepage footer, probably not in the secondary pages.

    • They host lots of servers (even provide a few), provide loads of bandwidth and we every once in a while wake them up in the middle of the night. The 'Hosted by' is a thank you and I find it strange that consideration is given that it is either removed or is considered confusing. A thank you is not a board decision. -- OlavVitters

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