gnomeweb-plone Overview

This page documents an ongoing attempt to implement the with Plone. For discussions use the gnome-web-list.


Some people are attempting to revamp (wgo) with the CMS Plone. We have a sandbox to show the current state. At some point a separate instance we will be created to build the wgo site. This instance will be hosted in a external server and at some point during the beta phase will be moved to the GNOME servers.

The Tasks that are done and need to be done are listed on this page in Tasks, but will be moved to bugzilla in the near future [2008-12-13 CarstenSenger].


  1. All the implementation needs to follow GnomeWeb/WebPolicies

  2. Have in mind i18n requirements, although in principle the translation work won't start before the 2.18 release. See GnomeWeb/Localization (needs updating, see the Multilingual CMS for some reference.

  3. Everybody can access the sandbox. The wgo instance will be operated by the users that are going to work at the end with it, aka the web team.

This goal depends on:

System Requirements

The Sysadmin team in charge of the GNOME Infrastructure need to know the system requirements in order to prepare the migration and hosting of the wgo 2.18 beta. Please be as accurate as possible in terms of software requirements, permissions, etc.

How to join gnomeweb-plone

If you want to join gnomeweb-plone, you should checkout . The Structure is documented in the README

Install a local Sandbox

The development is coordinated

Also we use #webhackers on

Installing a local Sandbox

Every body can install a sandbox on their computer. The different parts are documented in buildout/README.txt, and if you want some more details wgo.installsite/wgo/installsite/README.txt.

For the impatient:

svn co wgo-buildout
cd wgo-buildout
./bin/buildout -v
./bin/instance run src/wgo.installsite/wgo/installsite/
./bin/instance fg

After these steps you can open the browser and you will see the site at http://localhost:8090/<Name of the Generated Plone site>. If you want to login as and Administrator, use the username and password "gnome".


0 SandBox ( Done )

  • Create a buildout with all the needed stuff so people can try/develop the site at their local machines.

1 Basic Theme ( In Progress )

Here are screenshots of the previous plone beta site. For the parts that are not covered in the Screenshots or are not styled, you can take a look at Máirín Duffy's latest mockup (*.9nov.*) from 2006 (latest mockup). You can also find an SVG-File and archives with bits of the mockup exported to bitmaps in her Homedir.

2 Main Page view ( In Progress )

  • Create a View for the Frontpage: [SebastienNicouleaud]

    There's are a mockup and an old screenshot that show the Frontpage. The view doesn't have to be pretty, the style can be discussed when it works. The source of the splash-image can also be discussed later. Done:

    • Implement @@mainpage
    • Make it the default view
    • Add a Splash-image, show feeds from and
    • Added a configlet (site setup -> Main Page) to configure the banner and the feeds

    • Not show the full text of the feed (show links instead)
    • Link to configlet from mainpage when logged in as an Administrator
    • some tests fail
    • styling needed

3 I18n

4 Presentation/Configuration

5 Policy

6 Performance/Deployment

Not needed (yet)

The following items are not needed right now:

  • The "What is Gnome ?" portlet.
  • The "Featured product" portlet.
  • The "Chattering gnomies" portlet.
  • A custom PloneSoftwareCenter


Please add your name here if you need permissions to work with the CMS for the wgo revamp. wgo testers are welcome.

If you just want to play with the sandbox you don't need to be listed here.

Actual participants

Old participants

Plone Configuration

High Performance Plone

For enabling a high performance on this implementation we will need to create different zeo servers (two?) as a backend and a reverse proxy as a frontend. We will use blobs as the way to store files . We are going to use Varnish that is well integrated with ZOPE/Plone using CacheFu. We will have to decide the HTTPProxy polices to make as fast as possible the new portal.


The content of the website is discussed in the wgo sections goals (to be linked here as soon as they are created). We might use other instances to operate the new subdomains i.e. To be decided.

Archived Text

This section holds Text that isn't up to date, but can be of use for some time. Ignore it if you don't know surely that you need it.

Installinstructions until 2008-10-31:

svn co
cd wgo.buildout-dev
./bin/buildout -v
cd var/filestorage
cd ../..
./bin/instance fg

Other Installinstructions until 2008-10-31: GnomeWeb/PloneImplementation

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