A list of actions to test in order to have results comparable between CMS. These actions are supposed to be the most important and/or frequent of the wgo daily usage. They should be easy to perform and provide the desired results.

Ranks: 0 Not supported - 1 Partially possible - 2 Possible but complex - 3 Possible and easy

Testers: Gergely "Greg" Nagy, Jeff Waugh, Joachim Noreiko, Quim Gil. You can join us if you have the time and will to go through the 5 CMSs. You don't need to be CMS experts since the maintenance of wgo should be feasible for non CMS experts (at least the most frequent actions).


  • Publish static pages
  • Publish news
  • Define friendly URL of a page, including subdirectories
  • Publish images in a page
  • Publish attached files in a page
  • Publish podcasts / screencasts
  • Integrate aggregated feeds in a page
  • Pre-publish a page making it available only to users with editing permissions
  • Customization of forms for different content types (i.e. case studies)
  • Set feeds for new content


  • Track and diff of all changes made
  • Notify that a page has been updated
  • Revert changes
  • Display when a page was last updated


  • Create localizations in the GNOME supported languages

  • Get language settings from browser
  • Edit interface strings in all languages
  • Content as PO files or at least XML import/export
  • Set links between different versions of the same page
  • Control version system to detect outdated pages
  • Visualization of status of translations


  • Create and edit menus and submenus
  • Assign pages to menu entires
  • Stablish relations between pages
  • Create an automatic sitemap
  • Assign keywords to pages


  • Customize homepage to make it look like the mockups
  • Customize theme to make it look like the mockups
  • Set different templates for different sections

  • Search performance (probably to be tested in a big website)
  • Search results per type of content
  • Index content in the server not produced by the CMS

Permissions management

  • Create new accounts and assign permissions
  • Set permissions policies
  • Set permissions at a page/section level

CMS management

  • Check documentation for help
  • Activate caching system
  • Check statistics
  • Backup database
  • Upgrade new version

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