• /!\ This 2.18 goal is missing a coordinator

List here case studies you would like to see featured at www.gnome.org. It will be easier for them to become a reality if you volunteer for writing them. You can also pick a use case waiting for a writer.

Promoters and developers: do not hesitate helping out with the production of case studies featuring your projects.

Types of case studies

We should define here what we want to showcase. We want success stories but, which types?

  • Big deployments
    • Public sector
    • Corporations
  • Migrations from non-GNOME, specially from non-free software
    • Small companies and professionals
    • "Celebrities"
    • Power users and enthusiastic hobbyists
    • social organizations / projects
  • ISDs developments
  • ?

How to write a case study

Are we going to have a common structure or a free from cool story or something combining the best of both?

Real case studies

Who is writing what, and which case studies aim to reach the current release cycle (see GnomeWeb/DevelopmentTimeline for dates and details). Suggest here a case study even if you won't be able to write it.

We can start knocking the door of the advisory board companies. Obviously they are working on cool GNOME stuff and this is a way for us to give them some visibility in the GNOME context:

  • Canonical
  • Debian Project
  • Free Software Foundation
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • Imendio
  • Intel
  • Nokia
  • Novell
  • OLPC
  • OpenedHand

  • Red Hat
  • Software Freedom Law Center
  • Sun Microsystems

Case studies



  • None yet


Interesting stuff

Recovered from an old bug

Dave said in this bug:

Some case studies that we know of:

Many of these have contacts known to us, and reusing these on the site would be possible in most cases. We can always get some new ones too.

Migration Guides and Case Studies

These documents give an insight into the needs of government, and serve as a resource for those considering a move to Linux.

Additional resources

  • Get the Facts on Windows and Linux - althought not only GNOME releated, a very useful resource with a White Paper Library, Government Migrations, Company Migrations, Success Stories and more.


  • In GUADEC 2006 there were some session showcasing projects. We could contact the speakers and ask them to write a case study. QuimGil

  • Please consider publishing such stories in the GNOME Journal: We have editors, a regular schedule, and a good chance to submit each story in other Linux News sites; the Macedonia deployment story was picked by Slashdot and elsewhere. And you can easily make an index such stories on wgo by simply linking them. -- ClausSchwarm

    • Of course! We should have a good integration of work, publish the appropriate case studies in the GNOME Journal and adapt the appropriate GNOME Journal articles to become wgo case studies. I'm sure we can find more combinations to improve the content production of Journal and wgo, and increase the visibility of the resulting pieces of work. The worst we could do is set a competition or no-collaboration between both. -- QuimGil

    • In fact, could you add to the list of case studies reports already published in the GNOME Journal that could be adapted, including the links? -- QuimGil

      • Sure. I've out them into the 2.16 complete series. Please move them if that's wrong. --ClausSchwarm

  • We can request case studies to companies, specially to those ones at the GNOME Foundation's advisory board. There must be a common interest here that should bring good materials to wgo. -- QuimGil

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