Screenshots of the plone-based beta site

For a while there was a beta site of the new plone-based (Plone 2) The URL was never widely mentioned because the server couldn't take much traffic. Unforunately the site eventually went permanently offline and the underlying source code was never properly delivered to GNOME's svn - instead we received the code as it was in the process of being converted to Plone 3. Some Plone developers are currently (September 2008) trying to finish the conversion to Plone 3 so we can get a beta site up again.

Here are some screenshots of the previous plone beta site (taken by Jaime Hemmett in March 2008) though they give very little idea of the overall structure, content, and look-and-feel. These are also a fairly random, non complete, selection of pages:

1. screenshot_about.jpg

2. screenshot_about_contact_us.jpg

3. screenshot_frontpage.jpg

4. screenshot_get_involved.jpg

5. screenshot_get_started.jpg

6. screenshot_get_started_on_windows.jpg

7. screenshot_login.jpg

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