MIB Registration

For the GNOME project, we got SNMP enterprise ID 3319 assigned by the IETF. Our Top-Level MIB defining the basic structure of our tree is GNOME-SMI.

MIB Subregistration

We provide subregistration to any interested OpenSource project which is not owned by a single company. (As any company can get their own enterprise id, they should do so). These projects do not necessarily be part of GNOME or related to GNOME. However, we try to keep the quality of the submitted MIBs as high as possible :-)

The following sub-ids have been assigned to projects:


  • No MIBS have been submitted, yet

2 zebra.

  • Submitted MIBs:


  • Submitted MIBs:

4 gconf.

  • No MIBS have been submitted, yet

5 sabayon.

  • No MIBS have been submitted, yet

6 gnome-pkix.

  • Used in various X.509 and ASN.1 places that need gnome specific object-identifiers.
  • Not used with SNMP, no MIB.
  • Contact: Stef Walter stefw@gnome.org

All MIB files

All MIB files can be downloaded at http://www.gxsnmp.org/mibs/. All MIB files have been validated using smilint (part of libsmi) for correctness. The files ending in .v1 are converted via smidump to SMIv1 format as used by many commercial network management programs like HP/!OpenView or IBM NetView.

All LDAP assignments

LDAP sub-assignments can be found here.

Administrative contact

Jochen Friedrich

Ludwigstr. 50

D-63456 Hanau


email: snmp@gnome.org

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