Gnome Asia Summit Vietnam 2009 Check List

This list is part of the Gnome Asia Summit Application for Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam 2009


  • Does the country have any GNOME hackers?
    • There is a growing Gnome and Linux Community in Vietnam.
  • Is it easy to get VISA for non-European natives?
    • Yes, it is easy for most countries.


  • Does the city have any GNOME hackers?
    • People who develop around the Gnome desktop - yes.
  • Does the city have LUG people that can help with organizing?
    • Different organizations exist including the Ho-Chi-Minh Computer association ( and the SaigonLUG (
  • Is it centrally located?
    • It is one of the biggest cities and easily reachable including by budget airlines in the region.
  • Does it have good airport connections?
    • It does have good airport connections.
  • Is there a good bus infrastructure?
    • Different transportation systems are available. It is easy and cost efficient to get around.
  • Is there a good train infrastructure?
    • There are number of national train connections.


  • Does the conference happen at the weekend? Does the conference happen during the week?
    • We plan to hold the Gnome Asia Summit for about 4 days including the weekend.
  • Does the conference overlap with any public or religious holidays?
    • No.
  • Does the venue cost more money during certain dates?
    • There are different venues planned including free spaces at the university.
  • How long with the conference be?
    • 4 days
  • What are your planned dates for opening up registration, call for papers, ... ?
    • Call for papers: 5 months before event Registration: 2-3 months before the conference


  • Does the venue have a good collection of different sized rooms for large keynotes, network room, and small breakout sessions?
    • Yes, we have different venues available suiting different needs.
  • Does the venue have microphones?
    • Yes.
  • Does the venue have video projectors?
    • Only partly. We need to organize this.
  • Does the venue have white screens?
    • Only partly. We need to organize this.
  • Does the venue have whiteboards?
    • Only partly. We need to organize this.
  • Does the venue have notice boards?
    • Only partly. We need to organize this.
  • Is there space for a coffee area?
    • Yes, there are spaces for coffee and tea.
  • Is there space for booths to be set up?
    • Yes, there are spaces for booths.
  • Is there a registration area?
    • We have to set this up.
  • Are there shops, restaurants and pubs near the venue?
    • Yes, there are public facilities available to most venues.


  • Does the venue have a wired network?
    • Most venues have a wired network, however we plan to set up wireless networks with Freifunk for the event.
  • Can a network be set up in a suitably large network room?
    • Wireless Freifunk networks will be available throughout the area.
  • Does the venue have wireless?
    • See above.


  • Does the host city have a party venue?
    • There are many party venues in Ho-Chi-Minh City.
  • Are there tourist opporunities in the city?
    • HCM is a major and cheap tourist spot.
  • Is it possible to have food and drink provided at the conference?
    • Yes, it is possible.


  • Are there any local businesses that would be interested in sponsoring the event?
    • There are a number of local and international businesses in Quang Trung Software City, who would like to sponsor the event.
  • What are the different sponsorship bands, and what amount of sponsorship is required for each band?
    • This is still to be decided.
  • Can you count on holding the event on its own without sponsorship from the main players eg. HP, Sun, Red Hat, ..?
    • We can hold an event without major companies involved, however we would have to cut back on a number of activities.


  • Is there a large variety of different accommodation options available?
    • There is a huge variety of accomodation available.
  • Are there accommodation options near to the venue?
    • Yes.
  • Can you organize cheap accommodation for visiting speakers?
    • Yes, we are planning to preorganize cheap accomodation for speakers.
  • Can you organize discounts with accommodation for conference attendees?
    • Yes, we are planning to preorganize cheap accomodation for attendees.


  • Can you organize a different set of travel options to get to the host city?
    • We can provide information on travel options and budget connections, which can be booked online directly at travel companies.
  • Is it easy to get to and from the conference venue?
    • It is very easy to get to the venues.
  • Is it easy to get to the city from the conference venue?
    • Yes, it is easy. You need to calculate more time during rush hours.


  • Is the infrastructure in place for gnome asia?
    • We are planning to use the existing infrastructure available.
  • Have you called for criticism/suggestions/patches for the website, so it looks professional.
    • It looks very professional and we will keep it this way.
  • Are there people capable of maintaining the web page before, during and after the conference?
    • Yes, we have a number of people available for that.
  • Can the front page prominently display approximately 10 sponsor logos?
    • Yes.
  • Is a registration system available for use?
    • A registration system still has to be set up.
  • [Optional] Does the website allow easy translation, without one version becoming outdated/out-of-sync.
    • It is our plan to offer different languages.


  • Do you plan to have planning or BOF sessions?
    • We are planning several meetings of involved people and volunteers.
  • How many speakers do you propose to have?
    • We are planning for 4 parallel tracks for 2 days, and 2 tracks for the other day. Sizes of rooms differ and we also would like to have a bar camp like track.
  • What times to you intend to stick to?
    • 25 minute sessions or 55 minute sessions.
  • Do you have any group sessions?
    • We will have workshop areas.
  • Lightning Talks
    • Lightning talks with 5 minutes talk will be preorganized in a wiki.
  • Have you factored in registration and foundation members meeting?
    • We will include this in the final (internal) schedule.
  • Who will organize the collection of abstracts, papers and photos?
    • Mario Behling, Kevin Miller Jr. and the core team
  • Will you have a paper committee to decide which papers to accept?
    • Yes, we will coordinate this closely with the Gnome Asia Committee.
  • Who will you get to keynote during the conference?
    • This is to be decided.
  • Who will you invite from the business sector?
    • This is to be decided.
  • Will you have themes for the conference, and divide the schedule into separate tracks?
    • Yes, we plan to do this.


  • Do you plan to design a special logo for the conference?
    • Yes.
  • Do you plan to print tshirts for people to buy/receive during registration?
    • Yes.
  • Are the designs ready 2 weeks before they are used, so they can be reviewed?
    • Yes.
  • Do you have enough L and XL t-shirts? The split should be 20% XL, 40% L, 25% M, the other 15% equally among baby-doll S and M and standard S.
    • We will make sure, we stick to this.

Printed material

The following still has to be decided.

  • Do you have a designer and printer, with a clear idea of what they need, and when?
  • What's the budget for printed material?
  • Can t-shirts be printed by the same printer, and designed by the same designer?
  • What do you plan to be in the registration pack?
  • When are your dates for printing the conference proceedings?
  • Do you plan to have live CD's available?
  • Do you plan to advertise the conference with any leaflets?
  • Get the layout files (Quark, etc) done by GNOME contributors who know what they are doing. Commercial pre-press/printers are often expensive, slow, and incompetent. List all the various logo files (GUADEC, GNOME, sponsors, organisers) on one web page.


  • What numbers of people can the venue hold?
    • We have different choices and are able to extend the venues. The exact venues will be determined in the upcoming months.
  • What categories of registration do you plan?
    • We plan to focus on a community event.
  • Do you intend to charge for registration fees?
    • We do not intend to charge community participants for registration.
  • What infrastructure is available to handle registration fees both before and during the conference?
    • To be determined.
  • Are there likely to be any unforeseen administration costs?
    • To be determined.
  • See Press - is there a clear path for press contacts coming to the registration site to get accreditation for the event?
    • Yes.


  • Do you intend to keep a budget?
    • Yes.
  • Do you have funds easily available to organize a number of local services before the conference?
    • We are planning to have funds available.
  • Did you factor in currency conversion into your budget?
    • We are planning to factor this in.


  • Are there local people available to help with conference registration, session timing, ...?
    • We have numerous people from the universities interested in helping out.
  • Are there international people available to help with keeping things going smoothly?
    • Yes, there are internationals living in HCM available.
  • Do you have people in each room, to make talks start and end on time.
    • Yes, we plan to do this.

Board meeting

  • Is there a room available before/after the conference to hold the foundation board and advisory board meetings?
    • Yes.
  • Is there a hotel to hold these if a room at the venue isn't available?
    • Yes.
  • Are projectors, screens and whiteboards available in these rooms?
    • Yes.
  • Does the room have an internet connection?
    • Yes.
  • Can you organize lunch, drinks, snacks for these all day meetings?
    • Yes.


  • Are there people with cell phones available during the conference for emergency contacts?
    • We need to set this up.
  • Do you have current numbers for the police, ambulances, fire brigade?
    • Yes.


  • Are there network connections capable of streaming talks?
    • We will make talks available after the event.
  • Are microphones available for recording?
    • Yes.
  • Are digital video cameras available for recording?
    • Yes.


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