How to collect User Experience?

This is a place to brainstorm ideas of collecting feedbacks / insights

  • Emails to community mailing list to ask for feedbacks with leading questions
  • Focus Group
  • Observation
  • Survey

Feedback from different countries

This is a page for GNOME users to write down feedback on GNOME Desktop in different Asian languages, feedback can be related to user experience, localization or anything related to the GNOME Desktop, the GNOME project, its applications and its development tools, etc. The feedbacks will be used to make improvement on the GNOME Desktop and help to address needs from different Asian countries.


  1. Here is some feedbacks from the COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2011 event from a survey filled by 188 Taiwanese participants:
    • Hope GNOME not to become too much like MacOSX
    • The new GNOME Shell is too complex to do task switching, the "traditional" tarkbar-like UI is out fashion, but it's useful through many years.
    • GNOME/GTK+ should also focus a bit more on embedded devices, not to let KDE monopolize. Besides it is suggested to make a light version of GNOME
    • Chinese localization is quite complete, but still have room for improvement e.g. Pango+Cairo applications, there is Chinese display problem
    • Which area you think GNOME Desktop should improve: 19% Appearance, 27% Tools, 29% Usability, 9% Games, 5% Others (e.g. don't know, stability, lack applications) and 23% no answer


  1. What we learned from the Ubuntu Philippine Team about localization
    • We need our national keyboard layout
    • We need fonts that include our local ancient script symbols (yes, some people use them ;) )

Hong Kong

  1. Heard about GNOME Shell was not good (for the GUI part)
  2. Nokia did help to promote via development events (for QT) (but not GNOME, we seldom hear about GNOME in Hong Kong)
  3. Seldom have GNOME event in Hong Kong, need more events...
  4. And technically speaking - hkese developers have impression that Qt seems to be easier to develop than GTK
  5. Still need to work harder on promoting GNU/Linux to desktop users in general (~1% i.e. very low for desktop users, but very high in servers)
  6. i think the challenge for Gtk is that we have too many choices, and new developers get confused where to start with; while Qt is "branded" quite well, by offering Qt Creator IDE and related tools


  1. Request for more training session and course about GNOME, for example GNOME tranning organization
  2. Need more event like GNOME.Asia, this is really helpful to promote GNOME
  3. Translate more latest technical news and articles
  4. Combine the Linux with GNOME. Promote Linux and GNOME together
  5. Need more local projects, call for more local developers participants.
  6. Lack of Chinese development document, English is the barrier for local people's participants
  7. Lack of the support from Chinese government and company
  8. Thinking about Linux/ GNOME course in university


  1. Hope GNOME keep take notice to user with low specification video adapter
  2. GNOME has enabled people to use Aksara Nusantara (Indonesia Traditional Font) in BlankOn Linux Desktop

  3. Hope there is one door of GTK+ development to simplify usage of GTK+
  4. GNOME Indonesia localization already reach 80%
  5. Hope more contributors that do Indonesia localization of GNOME Documantation
  6. "Main Menu" (The Main GNOME Menu) as the default menu on GNOME Desktop rather than "Menu Bar"
  7. More right click options : Send to Flash Drive, Set as wallpaper (by default), More extract archive options
  8. GNOME Desktop is heavier (than ?)
  9. Nautilus is good but Nautilus Elementary is better
  10. GNOME appearance is less attractive than KDE, hope GNOME become more attractive and fast
  11. Don't hide Evince and File Roller from Applications menu
  12. Hope GNOME Login more easy to customized
  13. GNOME is more comfort than other DEs

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