July 26 2022 Meeting


  1. SammyFung

  2. Syzawan


  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 Update
  • A.O.B.
  • When will we meet next time?

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 Update
    • Penang will be the location of the summit (in oral confirmation), but the university is still pending confirmation on the date, proposed dates from the local team are 28-30 Oct and 11-13 Nov. The local team's looking mutual agreement within 2 days.
    • Local team is still preparing the sponsorship packages for locals.
    • We can start promotion to tell others the GNOME.Asia Summit 2022 which will be held on Oct/Nov. The local team will focus the promotion on Twitter.
    • The local team proposes to choose the 2nd top voted logo from the past logo competition [1] in 2021, we will discuss on next meeting.
  • A.O.B.
  • When will we meet next time?
    • 2 August 2022, Tuesday.

Action Items

  • AI: Sammy will check with Kristi any GUADEC 2022 sponsors also commited to GNOME.Asia 2022.
  • AI: Local team is still preparing for sponsorship packages for locals.
  • AI: Syzawan will share the runner up of logo competition last year before next meeting.

[1] https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Engagement/Events/GNOMEAsia/-/issues/58

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