July 09 2019 Meeting



  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 Update
  • When will we meet next time?

Meeting notes

* Action Items from last minutes

  • Anachmad prepared the announcement of CFP.
  • kristiprogri sent out the emails for logo competition

* GNOME .ASIA 2019 update

  • The submission deadline will be changed so people will have more time to apply for visa and organize the trip.July 15-August 15.
    • In case many people miss the deadline we can postpone it with 3-4 days.
  • Officially the 1st silver Sponsor and looking for more.
  • Logo competition. We have now a winner. Now checking for possible final improvement by GNOME Designer.
  • the local team is working for the upcoming pre event in the end of the month.

Action items

  • Kristiprogri to introduce the local team will Molly Deblanc.
  • BinLi will ask Emily to give access the local team in cpanel.

  • local team will post the CFP announcement on gnome.org and gnome.id before July 15.
  • local team will work on the website's registration page in next 2 weeks
  • anachmad will post the results of logo competition.
  • kristiprogri to contact volunteer for the CFP announcement in gnome.org

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