May 14 2019 Meeting


  1. SammyFung

  2. BinLi

  3. curiousdtu (ShobhaTyagi)

  4. kittykat
  5. haris
  6. anachmad (local team)
  7. sakana
  8. rania (Rania Amina, local team)
  9. kristiprogri


  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 Update
  • When will we meet next time?

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 Update
    • Wait for the venue to confirm the new date: 12-13 October, it is expected to confirm next week.
    • Launch the logo design competition
    • openSUSE.Asia will be 5 and 6 Oct, one week before the GNOME.Asia. We hopes to attract openSUSE.Asia attendees to attend GNOME.Asia too.
    • Local team share their Trello board with the Committee.
  • When will we meet next time?
    • May 28 Tuesday 14:00 UTC

Action items

  • AI: anachmad will email GNOME Asia Committee once the venue is confirmed.
  • AI: kristiprogri_[m] will look for contributor to draft the official announcement of GNOME Asia Summit 2019, and announce on GNOME Foundation channels.
  • AI: rania will share the Call for Sponsorship document next week thru email.

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