May 4 2017 Meeting


  1. Andie_Chu
  2. Anna
  3. BinLi

  4. haggen
  5. hillwood
  6. kittykat
  7. maxwell
  8. muelli
  9. princeofgiri
  10. sammyfung
  11. Shawmeng
  12. shrleylv
  13. SunMinjie

  14. Wen Qixiang Bootingman
  15. ZhRichard


1.Gnome Asia 2017 Chongqing project April-May status:

  • A)slogan confirmed ( the source awakens) B)logo updated

    C)website got online (, installing SSL D)official newsletters ready for release, CHN and ENG E)cooperation with Chonging university confirmed, other universities are under negotiation F)initial the list of communities for connect ( we will get in touch with them and invite them to this summit) G)initial the sponsorship proposal( not finish)

2.May jobs to do

  • A)finish the sponsorship proposal and begin to get in touch with potential sponsors B)release the newsletters ( about 2nd week of May) C)begin to contact the communities D)expand the cooperation with other universities in Chongqing E)make the plan of volunteers hiring and managing F)make the plan of marcom G)make the plan of gifts H)make the plan of design

Meeting notes

  • slogan updated "the source awakens"
  • beta website got online

  • newsletters are finished but need to confirmed (need be published on after confirmed, contact window is muelli)
  • next meeting date is June 6th 2017
  • the to-do list jobs are ok but maybe corwded

Action items

  • Local team will update the website for mobile access
  • To update the newsletter and send to mail-list for review
  • To finish the sponsorship proposal in middle May
  • Local team will begin to plan the details of volunteers, gifts and marcom

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