Jan 21 2014 Meeting


  1. alick
  2. Emily
  3. Tobi
  4. tonghuix
  5. BinLi

  6. DarkCircle

  7. Haggen
  8. sammy
  9. Sunny
  10. wnereiz
  11. karen


  1. Review Action Item
  2. GNOME Asia Summit 2014
  3. When will we meet next?

Meeting notes

  • Review Action Items
    • Tobi already gave his input to the CFS.[Done]
  • GNOME Asia Summit 2014
    • 2014 web site is up, but need to be completed (See AI).
    • Will has plan to working on a main gnome.asia website, but www.gnome.asia needs to be directed to 2014.gnome.asia before the main is completed.
    • Weihua will bring up the topic of registration website. Will and Weihua will co-work for registration.
    • The theme for the GNOME.Asia 2014 is "Evolution of the Desktop".
    • The theme for the OpenSUSE.Asia 2014 is not determined yet.
    • The deadline for CFP is March 3rd and the result will be announced on March 18th to be confirmed by OpenSUSE.
    • Venue have network facilities and there are 2 ways to access the Internet.
      1. Ask the venue to setup guest account.
      2. Bring some routers with wifi and connect to the LAN port in the rooms.
    • Nothing from Fedora yet. Probably too late to collaborate.
  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next week on Tuesday, 28 Jan, 2014 at 14:00 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  • Bin Li to finish CFP 28 Jan
  • For the website, the todo tasks:
    1. Add more content
    2. Add Chinese locale
    3. Add logo and banner, art works
    4. Design Live summit with sina weibo and photo gallery
  • Web site + CFP to be completed on 28 Jan

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