Jan 14 2014 Meeting


  1. Emily
  2. Tobi
  3. Will
  4. sammy
  5. tonghuix
  6. BinLi

  7. Haggen
  8. sammy
  9. Sunny
  10. wnereiz
  11. DavidLiang

  12. sakana


  1. Review Action Item
  2. GNOME Asia Summit 2014
  3. When will we meet next?

Meeting notes

  • Review Action Items
    • BinLi will give Tobi text version for CFS and Tobi will review it.[Done]

    • Emily to discuss the website with will and tonghui.[Done]
    • sakana add the theme to CFP after the re-word"Evolution of GNOME"
  • GNOME Asia Summit 2014
    • Everyone discuss the theme of GNOME.Asia summit. openSUSE will discuss the theme of openSUSE.Asia and will get feed back as soon as possible.
    • Beijing team already meeting with openSUSE team last Saturday, Emily and Sunny already send the minutes to team.
    • Weihua will bring up the topic of registration website. Will and Weihua will co-work for registration.
    • Both openSUSE and GNOME will use their entrance(fronted) to access the database for registration.
    • Venue have wifi which allow certian people to use, but it's not for free, Sunny will ask the quotation and how many people could use at the same time.
    • GNOME and openSUSE target to make a website online on Jan 22, but if it's not good enough, we might extend the date of CFP.
    • openSUSE team member already join asia-summit-list@gnome.org mail list.

  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next week on Tuesday, 21 Jan,2014 at 14:00 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  • Tobi will review CFS.

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