Aug 27 2013 Meeting


  1. karen
  2. Tobias
  3. Haggen
  4. sammy
  5. DarkCircle

  6. tonghuix
  7. BinLi

  8. sakana


  1. Review Action Item
  2. GNOME Asia Summit 2014
  3. When will we meet next?

Meeting notes

  • Review Action Items
    • Ask everyone to update the spreadsheet on slide and blog and Haggen will review it in the next meeting. [Done]
    • When the item on shortening the GNOME User video was brought up, there was a discussion on whether and/or how we should produce a 30 second trailer for promotion. The discussion of this trailer would be continued on the mailing list. [Still need discuss in the mail list]
    • Sakana will complete the Press Release. [Done]
    • Haggen will circulate the updated draft Call for Host. [Done]
    • Announce the Call for Host on 1 Aug. 1 Sep is deadline of submission. The announcement of the winning bid is on the 3rd week of Sep. [Already Announce the Call for Host]
  • Everyone discuss the short version (30 secs) video about GNOME.Asia 2013, Thanks Young-bin Han works hard for video, we would love to wait his next video in the future.

  • GNOME Asia Summit 2014
    • Beijing team is preparing the proposal for GNOME.Asia summit 2014. For big venue, maybe some expense needed.
    • There are some potential bid team for GNOME.Asia summit 2014, sakana will mail to them in these days.
    • BinLi had talked about co-work with openSUSE, everyone suggest BinLi could talk more with openSUSE team in beijing.

      • Sunny talked to RD team in beijing and they support the co-work plan.
      • openSUSE team will very hope to cooperate with GNOME.Asia.
    • Sammy suggest Beijing team should move quick to discuss and finalize the proposal asap and try to call for a meeting with openSUSE Manager Sunny.
  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next week on Tuesday, 3 Sep,2013 at 14:30 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  • sakana will mail to asking the other potential bidders to remind them that the deadline is approaching.
  • BinLi will invite Sunny to join the IRC meeting next week.

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