Apr 30 2013 Meeting


  1. Will
  2. Tobias
  3. BinLi

  4. Haggen
  5. sammy
  6. jooncheol
  7. jincreator
  8. tonghuix
  9. SeoZ
  10. sakana


  1. Review Action items
  2. GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team.
  3. When will we meet next?

Review Action items

  • Simon will update hotel booking budget.[Done]
  • sakana will discuss with Karen and Emily about hotel booking. [Done]

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team
    • Everyone discuss the empty slot of schedule, and vote to invite Cedric BAIL be our speaker.
    • Everyone discuss the Registration page, and will create a banner to access the registration page.
    • Karen still wait Google and RedHat reply their sponsorship.

    • jincreator made volunteer page, wish could get registration at the same time.
  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next weeks on Tuesday, 7 May,2013 at 14:30 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  • Simon will have concrete estimation this Friday
  • Simon will booking Hotel for organizers.[in Process]
  • DarkCircle will give more detail with basement of venue.

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