Apr 9 2013 Meeting


  1. karen
  2. BinLi

  3. Haggen
  4. sammy
  5. simon
  6. jooncheol
  7. jincreator
  8. DarkCircle

  9. zugwan
  10. tonghuix
  11. sakana


  1. Review Action items
  2. GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team.
  3. When will we meet next?

Review Action items

  • jincreator will plan university attracting with training program. [In progress]
  • jooncheol will finish t-shirt contest page this weekend. [Done]
  • jincreator will find out who will be responsible for volunteers. [Done]

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team
    • There is a group of lugs organized by university students, jincreator and darkcircle will attend the meeting this week and try to promote GNOME.Asia.
    • Jincreator wrote draft of calling for volunteers and will share / discuss in mail list. Jincreator will be co-ordinating the volunteer.
    • BinLi will help training program in summit, and Sammyfung will help plan BoF for summit.

    • For hotel booking for organizers, Simon will help, and sakana will give Simon list.
    • Everyone discuss One Day Tour method, Zugwan and Simon will plan one day tour.
    • For local speaker for training session, everyone discuss and plan invite sunjin yang (gtk, gobject expert).
    • We should have translate help for training program, and DarkCircle and Jincreator will help.

    • For summit is coming, we should have budget detail, Simon will help query budget detail.
    • Sammyfung get reply from RedHat Asia. RedHat replied and ask for their marketing in Korea office for opinions.

    • Karen sent an email today to our US contact asking about bundling with GUADEC.
    • LG sent application form to committee and wait reply from gnome.asia.
    • We should make document with NIPA.
  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next weeks on Tuesday, 16 Apr,2013 at 14:30 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  • jincreator will plan university attracting with training program. [In progress]
  • DarkCircle will give more detail with basement of venue.

  • DarkCircle will go and find printing shops.

  • Sammyfung will write BoF plan.
  • Simon will booking Hotel for organizers, and sakana will give simon list.
  • Zugwan and simon_ will plan one day tour, and sakana will send mail to notify speaker we have one day tour plan

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