Feb 19 2013 Meeting


  1. karen
  2. tobis
  3. BinLi

  4. Haggen
  5. sammy
  6. wlashell
  7. simon
  8. jooncheol
  9. DarkCircle

  10. tonghuix
  11. sakana


  1. Review Action Item.
  2. GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team.
  3. When will we meet next?

Review Action items

  1. jooncheol will ask Jachine current status of the organization in Korea. [Done]
  2. JoonCheol will collect content for website.[Done]

Meeting notes

  • GNOME.Asia 2013 Status with the Korean Local Team
    • Everyone discuss the local account for Call for Sponsors. Karen will ask Linux Foundation for local account.
    • Everyone discuss GNOME.Asia 2013 website content.
      • Will add Committee members and local team members as editors to the GNOME.Asia website.
      • Will and local team is working on GNOME.Asia 2013 website.
      • Call for paper submit function is ready to use.
    • Everyone discuss the Call for Paper
      • Call for Paper fix the deadline to 8th March.
  • When will we meet next?
    • We will meet next weeks on Tuesday, 26 Feb,2013 at 14:30 UTC in #asia-summit

Action items

  1. Karenesq and sakana will co-work with GNOME Asia 2013 Announcement for confirmed venue draft.
  2. Karen will contact Linux Fundation to ask about bank information.
  3. Simon will confirm NIPA Video Recording (wait reply) and Firewall
  4. Will will send out final release CFP.
  5. simon will create list of local team members and their respective companies.
  6. simon will create list of local IT companies to submit CFS to.
  7. Haggen will update CFS to review joint sponsorship details to remove specifics
  8. Will will send list of local team followup items

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