April 24 2012 Meeting


  1. sakana
  2. karenesq
  3. Haggen
  4. wlashell
  5. sammyfung


  1. Review Action Items
  2. GNOME.Asia Sponsor Brochure ( Call for Sponsor) status
  3. GNOME.Asia Program
  4. GNOME.Asia Website status
  5. Venue status and Hotel booking

Meeting notes

  1. Review Action Items
    1. Hong Kong Team will continue to persuade Mozilla Taiwan.
    2. karenesq will contact Ada Initiative. -- Done -- Karen contacted the Ada Intiative.
    3. Everyone keep on spreading the world about CFP. -- Done
    4. Haggen will find a localization expert, wers, Haggen and chandni will help paper review. -- Done -- Haggen found a localization expert, Abel Cheung.
    5. Website add paper export into CSV. -- Done
  2. GNOME.Asia Sponsor Brochure ( Call for Sponsor) status
    1. HK team still optimistic about getting USD 4000, as promised.
    2. Linux Pilot agree to Media sponsor.
    3. LWN agree to Media sponsor.
    4. We must get Media sponsors logos / press packet.
    5. Haggen ask what bank account for local sponsor pay to.
  3. GNOME.Asia Call for Paper status
    1. Sammy suggest that is too much keynote with 6 keynotes(total two days). Maybe we need 4 keynotes in maximum. Karen, sakana and Will agree for 4 keynotes.
    2. sakana connect Allan Day, and they will submit as soon as possible.
    3. sammy suggest we could ask speaker to talk on 2 - 3 topics (if some topics are interested and useful to promote GNOME and F/OSS in Hong Kong)
  4. GNOME.Asia Website status
    1. After we have the full list of selected papers, we send out a mass email asking all presenters to create an account. -- to fill in their details, abstract.
    2. Will suggest "we should add a new page asking for volunteers to work the summit" -- describing the ways the volunteers can help, who to contact.
    3. Will will provide promotional graphics for volunteer page.
  5. Venue status and Hotel booking
    1. GNOME sent a formal letter to City University and it is accepted.
    2. HK team is looking for cheaper hotels.
  6. Other
    1. We talk about local print shop for t-shirts, stand and printed materials.
    2. We talk about the booth in venue.

Action items

  1. Haggen will ask Amanda Lam to give a talk.
  2. wlashell will ask Emily who should ask for women speaker.
  3. karenesq ask Chandni to submit a proposal.
  4. sakana will follow allanday for workshop and submit proposal.
  5. Haggen to ask CityU for Press kit.
  6. Haggen wil do paper review with other member this week.
  7. Haggen wil do paper review with Abel, sammy, wer this week.
  8. wlashell will add http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2013_bids/Hong_Kong#Accommodation to website.

  9. Haggen will ask and organise local volunteers.
  10. Haggen to add a page on volunteering.
  11. Will provide promotional graphics for volunteer page.
  12. Haggen to line up Karen and Edmon on dotAsia temporarily holding sponsors' money for GNOME.Asia
  13. Haggen to get the booth dimesions.
  14. HK team will Contact OurSky for help in Printing T-shirt and keep wlashell in the loop.

  15. Haggen will ask Ben about the minium printing Qty and price.
  16. wlashell to research print item from eprint http://www.e-print.com.hk/ and http://www.bannershop.com.hk/show_product.php?pid=1

  17. karenesq will provide a privace policy for the website and it's information form sponsors & presenters.

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