April 10 2012 Meeting


  1. sakana
  2. karenesq
  3. sammyfung
  4. Haggen
  5. yippi


  1. GNOME.Asia Sponsor Brochure ( Call for Sponsor) status
  2. GNOME.Asia Call for Paper status
  3. GNOME.Asia Website status
  4. Venue status and Hotel booking

Meeting notes

  1. Sponsor Brochure:
    1. Linux Pilot is happy to our media partner. And we are looking more.
    2. karen will contact Mozilla US and mention Mozilla Taiwan want to sponsor GNOME.Asia, Haggen will explain to Mozilla Taiwan as well. l. $4000 will be local minium target.
  2. Call for Papers
    1. Sammy will suggest Will to add a export feature to CVS or table view for submit paper.
  3. Website
    1. We have about 20 proposals now.
  4. Venue status and Hotel booking
    1. One thing still under negotiation, 1 more day for pre-training event
    2. GNOME to send letter to CItyU to confirm venue
    3. Yannis is working on Hotel, will get the quotes mid-next week.

Action items

  1. Hong Kong Team to contact Red Hat APAC.
  2. karen will contact LWN for media partner.
  3. Hong Kong Team to contact Engadget.
  4. Karen will sign the CityU letter.

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