March 27 2012 Meeting


  1. sakana
  2. wers
  3. sammyfung
  4. Haggen
  5. yippi


  1. Sponsor Brochure ( Call for Sponsor)
  2. Call for Papers
  3. Website

Meeting notes

  1. Sponsor Brochure
    1. The team is working with GUADEC with T&C. And discuss the date of sent the call for Sponsor out.

    2. The team discuss the automatic level up, "Custom Sponsor" will be common for the local team.
  2. Call for Papers
    1. Call for Papers needs some updated on sub-topics (Google Summer of Code ..)
    2. Edit the homepage to fix the Call for Paper.
    3. To keep in touch the speakers who interest GNOME.Asia 2012.
  3. Website
    1. wait for final confirmation of "call for sponsor" and "call for paper" documents

Action items

  1. sammyfung will keep contact with CityU for venue
  2. Haggen will Get T&C from William and Finalise Call for Sponsor

  3. Haggen will add venue to Call for Sponsor
  4. Haggen will update the Call for Sponsor tomorrow(2012/3/28)
  5. Edit the homepage and header to highlight the CFP
  6. Haggen to confirm the interest of Jon, Allan and Jakub

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