March 20 2012 Meeting


  1. sakana
  2. wers
  3. sammyfung
  4. Haggen
  5. karensq


  1. Sponsor Brochure ( Call for Sponsor)
  2. Call for Papers
  3. Website

Meeting notes

  1. Sponsor Brochure
    1. the team is working with GUADEC team to arrange setups where a sponsor is to support both events
    2. We can show two currencies: HKD and Euro
    3. Deadline for the finalized document is end of week of March 20
    4. request for sponsorship should be sent out week of March 26
  2. Call for Papers
    1. this has a dependency with Sponsor Brochure: knowing what travel we can provide to accepted speakers
    2. Bharath will help with travel reimbursement
    3. sponsorships for speakers don't necessarily have to communicated up front (when paper is accepted)
    4. Tentative schedule for deadline for papers: Apr 20. Notification of acceptance: Apr 27
  3. Website
    1. We have up and running
    2. More details will be added to the site once details are confirmed

Action items

  1. Send out the sponsor brochure
  2. Send call for papers
  3. Haggen to delete references to the hackfest, since we're not anymore having one

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