March 6th 2012 Meeting


  1. sakana (Max Huang)
  2. Haggen (Haggen So)
  3. sammyfung (Sammy Fung)
  4. yippi (Brian Cameron)
  5. karenesq (Karen Sandler)


  1. Review previous AI
    • HK team to update GNOME.Asia 2011 Call for Sponsors pdf ASAP -- Need to work with GUADEC
    • sakana to check previous Call for Papers form -- Done
    • HK team will contact Ben Cheng of Oursky Ltd. for web design -- not necessary now, Will and Sammyfung already update the website.
    • sakana will coordinate with Will for the website. They'll update the DNS record, among other things. -- Done
    • glassrose will modify the Terms & Conditions of Call for Sponsors to align with GUADEC -- Done

  2. Call for Sponsors (Sponsor Brochure)
  3. Call for Papers
  4. Website

Meeting notes

  1. We discuss Call for Paper and Call for Sponsor
    1. We should have travel budget before we decide who will speak.
    2. For Call for Paper deadline should push the deadline to mid-April
    3. Karen suggest invite Anil Gupta - his talk about innovation in India and elsewhere was so inspiring
    4. yippi suggest -- we need to first align our sponsorship levels with GUADEC before we can really call the brochure done
    5. yippi suggest -- we need that done in the next week (3/13) or two (3/20) if we want to have time to seek sponsors before we need to decide travel budget.

Action items

  1. GNOME.Asia team should talk to GUADEC team for coordination.
  2. HK team to update GNOME.Asia 2012 Call for Sponsors pdf ASAP -- should work with GUADEC
  3. karenesq and Haggen coordinate asking for money from international funders

Next Meeting

Same time next week!

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