Jan 10th 2012 Meeting


  1. emily
  2. wers
  3. lakhil
  4. yippi
  5. desrt
  6. karenesq
  7. stormy


  1. GNOME.Asia 2012 status
  2. Our plan for the next

Meeting notes

  1. We started the meeting identifying the status
    1. This year will be more challenging, because most core members have less bandwidth to commit
    2. Source of funding is a challenge
  2. Possibility of a hackfest was discussed, but also considered that, unlike last year, there is no big 3.0 release to capitalize on
    1. Hackfests for L10n, A11y, Usability, and Marketing were considered
  3. The "when" was discussed
    1. GNOME.Asia was planned to be in Spring
    2. It shouldn't be too close to GUADEC, Boston Summit, or other events
  4. The need for leader(s) for the GNOME.Asia committee was raised
    1. Emily is to discuss with Max
    2. yippi and zana can also assist
  5. The discussion shifted to the "where" and the existing bids
    1. The team was checking the proposals
    2. It was agreed to contact the two teams about the status of their bids

Action items

  1. lakhil to contact the HK and Indonesian teams about the status of their bids
  2. DONE: emily to talk to sakana (Max) about committing greater responsibility for this year's event
  3. DONE: emily to upload bids to the wiki

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