June 07th 2011 meeting


Fred, Lakhil, Pockey, Yippi (emily and max are excused while Allan is missing)

Meeting notes:

We reviewed previous action items:

  1. Max finished the final cut (DONE)
  2. Max - Max translated the linux pilot article and received some feedback from pockey, max to follow up with the comments
  3. Bharath to finalize expense report and receipts to send to the Foundation upon approval (Bharath / Akhil forwarded the sheet to local finance guys but they may take some more time to cross verify a few things like credit card payment , doattend registration fee, once they approve it, we will send report to board and committee) (in progress)
  4. Allan - Try to call for people from Philippine FOSS Community to Organize install-fest of GNOME 3 - outstanding
  5. Pockey sent email to Sankar P and introduce other Indian GUGs to receive OpenSUSE dvds (DONE)
  6. Pockey - Questionnaires [3] is finalized, Pockey will put them in limesurvey (DONE)
  7. Emily - Propose to marketing list to add "GNOME Users Group " Section in Quarterly report and GNOME Journal (DONE)
  8. Emily, Pockey - Write articles for GNOME Q1 report about GNOME Users Group. Emily will focus on GNOME China, GNOME Store; Pockey will focus on the status of new users group in Indian. (DONE)
  9. Pockey to send out Call for host 2012 (DONE)

We discussed how to support MOSC2011 (speaker and goodies)

Lakhil suggested to send Punit who is a trainer during the Bangalore GNOME.Asia summit 2011 and will follow up with the schedule and update us later.

Pockey updated on the status of the call for host: Call for host announcement was out 1 week ago through gnome.org website, gnome.asia website, blogging / gnome planet, social network, GNOME mailing lists. Pockey also sent an email to follow up with the HK contacts and they are discussing internally now, will update everybody if hk team decided to make a proposal. Besides, we also expect to have Utian follow up with the Indonesia community to make a proposal.

New Action item:

  • Lakhil to check if Punit can speak at the MOSC2011 conference.
  • Pockey to send an email to sankar to check if he has 300 dvds available (DONE)
  • Fred to help to review the survey 2011 (DONE)
  • everybody to comment on the marketing video
  • everybody help to promote the call for host 2012
  • Pockey to send the survey to all the registrants

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