March 23, 2011 Meeting

  • Schedule:
  • Date: May 3, 2011
  • Time: 1400 UTC (1 hour)
  • Channel: #asia-summit at GIMPnet server


  1. fred
  2. pockey
  3. wers
  4. abharath
  5. lakhil
  6. sakana
  7. yippi

Planned Agenda:

  1. Previous action items updates [1]
  2. Finalize the comment of the marketing video
  3. Update on new projects [2]
  4. Prepare call for host for 2012
  5. Other open topics

Action Items

  • Bharath to update expense report
  • Fred to prepare Local Volunteer Howto
  • Sakana to update video with input (from @Fred)
  • Everyone prepare for call for hosts for 2012
  • pockey to write an email to bharath and vikash, to follow up on bharath giving a speech in manipal LUG meeting to introduce GNOME and GUG


  • We can send post-event survey to those who registered online

Notable Info

  • All quotes claimed
  • Bharath uploaded all receipts except the ones from Novell. Expense report is final except for 2 days worth of cab rides
  • We have about 155+ USD of unclaimed registration fee refunds
  • Saved around 4k USD
  • One GUG in India kicked off with their first meeting
  • Sakana's working on the video, sent updated version
  • We can send call for hosts as early as June (for the 2012 Summit slated for Q1)
  • Next meeting is on May 17 (two weeks from now). Send updates via email to inform the team ahead of the meeting

[1] Previous AI

  1. Pockeylam will follow up vincent's quote (DONE)
  2. Abharath will get all the receipts ready (in progress)
  3. Abharath will update report by the next meeting the exact amount
  4. Fred will help to coordinate with other GNOME teams for call for host (in progress)
  5. Prepare press release (English and Chinese) - Fred, Pockey (Eng) and Max (Chinese)
  6. Send press release to press (including our contacted press and other general press from GNOME) and follow up - Bharath / Fred / Pockey / Max
  7. Gather statistic from volunteers (participants contacts / total no. etc) - in progress
  8. Prepare post event survey - in progress
  9. Send emails to sponsors to follow up - Fred
  10. Volunteers upload pictures
  11. Edit our marketing video - in progress
  12. Follow up with the board if we received all the money from each sponsor (Fred / pockey / Emily)
  13. Update on the refund of paid participants (how much we refund in total) and donation fee (17500 rs?) - Bharath
  14. Finalize expense report to send to the GNOME.Asia committee first and then send to the Foundation upon approval - Bharath / Pockey
  15. Follow up with different communities to establish GUGs - Pockey / Emily (in progress)

[2] Some new project during the year

  1. GUGs meeting kit - Fred / sakana
  2. generic website - Fred / Pockey
  3. moving all the 2008,9,10 websites to the new VPS - Fred
  4. GNOME store in India - Pockey
  5. GNOME 3 apps in 5 minutes - abharath
  6. Local Volunteers how to for event
  7. Fred / sakana / Emily will build up some documentation for volunteer team to work on their tasks
  8. Sakana will write a document for GNOME booth

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