March 28 Tuesday

Schedule: Date: Mar 28 Monday Time: 0530 UTC Channel: Intel office, hackfest room

Planned Agenda:

  1. Review check-list
  2. Add any general or specific stuff to prepare for the summit

Meeting notes and action items


  1. Pockey
  2. Akhil
  3. Bharath
  4. Fred
  5. Allan
  6. Brian
  7. Chandni

Meeting notes

  1. Chandni joined the GNOME.Asia Summit organizing committee
  2. Custom clearance:
    1. Fred to write/update the draft to include customs reference numbers DONE
    2. Pockey to add the approved content to GNOME letter header paper, print DONE
    3. Brian signs the printed document
    4. Bharath to scan the document and send to customs
  3. Pockey will update the wiki page for volunteers tasks. Page is located at

  4. Get volunteers to install and play with GNOME 3, write down questions, problems and their resolutions => purpose is to prepare a good FAQ for help desk on release day.

  5. On Wednesday check the best way to have OpenSUSE running on the 100 PCs for the training sessions
  6. Potential booth candidates:
    1. Mozilla: not confirmed, Fred to follow up DONE
    2. FSF: Akhil and Fred to see how to push for participation
    3. ISP: confirmed
    4. Novell: confirmed - 2 spots
    5. GNOME booth: confirmed, need to prepare with marketing
    6. Bangalore LUG: not confirmed, Akhil and Fred to follow up
    7. Oracle: Emily to follow tomorrow
    8. KDE: local team and Fred to follow up and encourage a collaboration initiative
    9. BOSS Linix: local team and Fred to follow up
    10. OLPC/Sugar: Pockey to follow up with speaker DONE
    11. University student union: Pockey/Bharath to follow up with volunteers
  7. Associated tasks are:
    1. Team finalize booth map
    2. Fred post it on the website
  8. Logo cut off date for sponsors is today! Inform ISP (Akhil) DONE
  9. Pockey to make the backdrop design once we have all logos DONE
  10. Fred to upload new sponsors logos on website (Intel, ISP)
  11. Conference badges:
    1. Decision was made to use plastic holders with metal clips (like the Intel passes) for everyone (total registration - 30%), using the printed program (A4) folded and writing the name on the front
    2. Lanyards will be up for sales at the GNOME booth (GNOME lanyards if possible). We will print 100 of them (MOQ?)
    3. A donation box will be available to pay for the lanyards (volunteers)
  12. Pockey to design the foldable schedule to be printed
  13. We need pens available at the registration counter -> volunteers

  14. GNOME booth will be run and planned for by Allan & Max

  15. We will not stream talks videos. Instead twice a day videos will be edited and upload somewhere to be decided
  16. Review talks schedule and make plan B based on India participation in the final DONE

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