March 23, 2011 Meeting

  • Schedule:
  • Date: Mar 23 Wednesday (moved from Mar 22)
  • Time: 1400 UTC (1 hour)
  • Channel: #asia-summit at GIMPnet server


  1. fred
  2. emily
  3. abharath
  4. pockey
  5. wers
  6. lakhil

Planned Agenda:

  1. Previous action items update
  2. Call for Local Sponsors update
  3. Public registration status update
  4. Student training registration update
  5. Business sessions participants update
  6. ISP service update
  7. Call for volunteer update
  8. Call for MCs update
  9. Call for Exhibition update
  10. Marketing activities / press invitation update
  11. Marketing materials production status
  12. Review check-list (a must do item :-) as it's our last meeting before the hackfest / conference) - esp. ***read the section of 1 week before the event***

Action Items

  • @Localteam to extend registration date to April 29, or later if possible
  • @Fred to add Distro Collab session to website
  • @Allan and @Max to update on video streaming option
  • @Everybody to respond to lakhil and bharath emails about conference bags and feedbacks from students
  • @Fred to draft a text to explain why we go free and what we offer to those who have paid
  • @Localteam to update on details for tour + party for hackfest attendees
  • @Localteam to call for more exhibitors


  • volunteers will get reimbursement for food and fuel for 1-2 days
  • Distro Collaboration is scheduled for Thursday

Notable Info

  • Convergent said they'll charge us Rs 32750, now Rs 10000 (222 USD). Airtel needs to confirm, and they would be visiting me tomorrow to get some papers signed

Previous AI

  1. local team to get volunteers to approach 20+ colleges and local communities to give away free passes to the conference (still 1.5 weeks from the conference, let's work hard on getting 1000 participants :-)

  2. Brian to be the moderator of business session BOF
  3. BLUG_Fred to make lists of participants for biz and collab sessions (DONE)
  4. Fred will shift 'Distribution collaboration' on some other date, may be during hackfest days
  5. Local team to enquire and publish details about tour + party for hackfest attendees.
    • Party budget at 30USD per person, but to suggest the best possible place. and Srag to help to talk to Intel to sponsor hackfest party
  6. Local team to get some media to cover the event (Chandni sent email about media sponsors)
  7. Pockey finished the artwork of bags, next step is local team to produce conference bags will be made, need to be ordered in India
  8. Local team to call for MCs and call for exhibitors
  9. Local team to contact local communities for : advertise our event, invite them to man a booth
  10. lakhil said due to cricket world cup final, we should try to end first day conference (April 2) by 3 PM, pockeylam will restrict talk time to 45 mins / talk (DONE)
  11. srag to check with Bosch if they interested to attend the business session
  12. srag to approach the trainer at Infosys mysore for the business session
  13. Local team to get some media to cover the event - Deadline next meeting on 15 March
  14. Allan / Max to work on the video streaming option of our conference
  15. Pockey to work on the certificates of volunteers / student training
  16. Pockey to work on the program (DONE)
  17. Lakhl / bharath to book the hotel (DONE)
  18. Srini / Lakhil / Bharath to book the venue (DONE)
  19. Emily to work on the survey / questionnaires to participants
  20. Pockey to update the checklist (DONE)

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