March 15, 2011 Meeting

  • Schedule:
  • Date: Mar 15 Tuesday
  • Time: 1400 UTC (1 hour)
  • Channel: #asia-summit at GIMPnet server

Planned Agenda:

  1. Previous action items update
  2. Call for Local Sponsors update
  3. Public registration status update
  4. Student training registration update (and should it be a package with conference?)
  5. Call for volunteer update
  6. Call for MCs update
  7. Call for Exhibition update
  8. Party / 1 Day Tour update
  9. Marketing activities / press invitation update
  10. Review check-list

Action Items

  • AI: pockey to update the checklist (DONE)

  • AI: srag to check with Bosch if they interested to attend the business session
  • AI: Fred to gather company profile, bio, talk topic, abstracts from speakers at the business session
  • AI: Fred to contact speakers and make a Business Session document
  • AI: Local team tries to get more registrations till March 20. If not enough registrations, we'll start giving 20-30 passes for outstanding students in every college
  • AI: srag to approach the trainer at Infosys mysore for the business session after the document is ready
  • AI: Bharath to set up a team of volunteers for the event
  • AI: Local team to enquire and publish details about tour + party for hackfest attendees. Party budget at 30USD per person, but to suggest the best possible place.
  • AI: Local team to get some media to cover the event - Deadline next meeting on 15 March
  • AI: Everyone to update student training page

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