Jan 25 Meeting


  1. Review previous action items
  2. Review call for sponsor status
  3. Review budget estimation (Documentation team may not join us, we should have 1/4 less hackers joining the hackfest)
  4. Plan for our students GNOME training: e.g. how to contribute to GNOME and show students how to write a simple app. Fred also suggested to have talk about compilation lesson for gnome 3.0, or GTK 3 hacking.
  5. Plan for our Technical helpdesk
  6. Finance - local Bank account and cash flow (transaction process)
  7. Update on accommodation for hackers - price and payment terms (for Intel office and the University) - content of hotels should be online soon for hackers to book rooms
  8. Confirm types of merchandisers and printed materials (for designing and developing artworks purpose)
  9. Discuss on how to reply to "enquiries" from the mailing list (e.g. P. Murdia, S. Greenberg) - and the process

Previous action items update

  1. BLUG_Fred to write two announcements (Hackfest | GNOME.Asia Summit 2011) (DONE)
    • publish it in our gnome.asia and gnome.org front page (DONE)
  2. abharath / Fred to finish the call for sponsors and send out for review (DONE)
  3. Fred / Pockey to follow up with Andreas on the design work (DONE)
    • to design call for sponsor brochure (DONE)
    • to design other marketing materials e.g. banner, stands, flyer
  4. abharath to ask Parag to fetch the full list as Parag had a list of local companies working on Linux
  5. Everybody to make a list of sponsors and then assign who will be the contact person(s) respectively
  6. Will is working on the new design site launch, we should start seeing some changes on 18 Jan
    • when the site is ready, please notify us
  7. Will to work on the website:
    • change the aliases and make 2011.gnome.asia point to www.gnome.asia (this way we don't need to redo all the work)
    • let's temporary make www.gnome.asia redirect to 2011.gnome.asia
  8. abharath to esquire on GNOME User Group status from his colleague(s) and invite them to support our event
  9. Pockey / Akhil / Bharath to revise deadlines of call for paper and call for sponsors based on discussion (DONE)
    • let's target to finalize the call for paper and call for sponsors by this week and announce it (DONE)
  10. Let's launch the new site contents 2011 summit (DONE)
    • Bharath to work with Will to put the rules of entrance fee in the registration system
    • Will to put the site contents of 2011 summit online (DONE by Pockey)
  1. Max to send us email to update the web conference tool (to test the web conference tool (justin.tv) with BJ GNOME User Group as next step, and if the quality is good, Max to write a how-to in a wiki page so different launch parties organizers can connect their events together)
  2. Everyone to update their status on http://live.gnome.org/Hackfests/GNOME.Asia2011 (DONE)

Meeting notes and action items

  1. AI - Everybody read the final call for sponsor document and comment by today, we start to call for sponsors tomorrow
  2. AI - abharath, lakhil to get list of potential companies from Parag
  3. Will said new site is up and running, he is merging the small amount of front page content to the new format and he is looking for more pictures of the venue and its surrounding to use
  4. AI - Start writing faq for site
  5. Regarding conference registration fee
    • abharath proposed
    • Option 1 : $2 for students, $6 for delegates
    • Option 2: free for students, $4 for delegates Option 1 was finalized after voting.
  6. How to attract more sponsors
    • Brian said he thinks it would be better if we could focus on each sponsor's GNOME 3 interests. Some distros are more interested in GNOME 3 than others, for example.So, it might make sense to highlight to the sponsors that this is their opportunity to get involved early. Perhaps each sponsor that is the lowest level sponsor gets 2 representatives to attend a planning meeting. I think we could get better funding the more we can convince distros that we are providing them with a service of value and organizing meetings to get distros to solve their problems and collaborate better is compelling. I think we could focus more on getting smaller, local sponsors. Things like consulting companies that are more interested in doing business with GNOME.Perhaps GNOME.Asia could create a distinctive brand for itself within the GNOME community by focusing more on supporting free software business, consulting firms, etc.
  7. Conference registraion
    • pockeylam asked will for registration system to have the template of 2008 form?
  8. Other updates
  9. AI - abharath, lakhil to work on details of accommodation
  10. AI - abharath to find details for tax-free bank account
  11. AI - pockeylam to write a brief to send to andreas to help on design
  12. AI - lakhil to check the bandwidth available at the venue
  13. AI - will and sakana2 to work on live video streaming for the conference

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